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Summer 2019

  • How Old Will I Be In Heaven?

    cloud-SamSchooler-570x380 Foursquare Pastor Daniel Brown continues his study about the final reality. That brings up the question, How old will we be in Heaven—will everyone be the same age, regardless of their age of death on earth? This is most often asked by mothers who have lost ... Read More

  • The Power of the First Move

    traffic-NabeelSyed-Jk3-Uhdwjcs-560x373 There is a powerful dynamic set in motion when someone takes the first move.   It was Thursday afternoon, and I was on my way to a local bakery to pick up a box of goodies for a family I would visit that night. And, yes, I ... Read More

  • Eddie Hyatt: Angels of Light

    EHyatt-AngelsOfLightEddie L. Hyatt, Angels of Light: False Prophets and Deceiving Spirits at Work Today in the Church and the World (Hyatt Press, 2018), 120 pages, ISBN 9781888435252. Deception has seeped into the church since its founding and it seems to be intensifying as we get closer ... Read More

  • Led by The Spirit: The History of the American Assemblies of God Missionaries in the Philippines, Preface and Introduction

    DJohnson-LedByTheSpirit-Intro-cover This excerpt from Led by the Spirit is the Preface and Introduction. Missionary-scholar Dave Johnson has brought together a chronicle of over 300 Pentecostal missionaries serving in the Philippines from 1926 through the first decade of the new Millennium.   Preface Like many other books, this volume was ... Read More

  • Test the spirits

    ice-BrunoKelzer-MsG1isQB6Kg-576x324Every Christian and every Christian leader must practice discernment because there are real deceptions and dangers to our faith. Historian and Bible teacher Eddie Hyatt brings a clear warning in this article originally titled “Angels of Light: Is the Spirit of Mormonism Being Revisited in ... Read More

  • For Prayer, For Unity, For a Continent: United Prayer Rising Europe 2019

    UPRisingEurope5-cover Pastor Wesley Zinn shares a report from the prayer and worship gathering, United Prayer Rising (UPRising) Europe, held July 8 through 11th at Ashburnham Place in the UK.   From the United Prayer Rising webpage: In July 2016 in Ilsan, South Korea, we witnessed a spiritual “UPRISING ... Read More

  • Douglas Bursch: The Community of God

    DBursch-TheCommunityOfGodDouglas S. Bursch, The Community of God: A Theology of the Church from a Reluctant Pastor (Seattle, WA: Fairly Spiritual, 2017), 240 pages, ISBN 9780692868386. As the last word of the title of this book indicates Douglas Bursch is a pastor; he is affiliated with the ... Read More

  • Discipleship Through Community

    DBursch-DiscipleshipThroughCommunity Every follower of Jesus is called to be a disciple maker. In this excerpt from his book, The Community of God, Pastor Doug Bursch shows us that the New Testament says discipleship happens in and through community.   God cares equally about the individual and the group. ... Read More

  • Knowing Creation: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science, reviewed by Stephen Vantassel

    KniowingCreation-9780310536130Andrew B. Torrance and Thomas H. McCall, eds., Knowing Creation: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science, Volume 1 (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2018), 352 pages, ISBN 9780310536130. In recent decades, the long struggle between science and theology has intensified, forcing Christian theologians to increase their attention ... Read More

  • Paul King: Is It Of God?

    PKing-IsItOFGodPaul L. King, Is It Of God? A Biblical Guidebook For Spiritual Discernment Volume 1 (Newberry, FL: Bridge-Logos, 2019), 384 pages, ISBN 9781610364065. Dr. Paul King is a man with significant academic credentials. He holds two doctorates, one from Oral Roberts University and one from the ... Read More

  • Order of St. Luke International 2019: From an Anti-Cessationism past to a Fully Charismatic Future

    OSL2019-thumbnail Charismatic historian William De Arteaga introduces us to The Order of St. Luke, where it came from, how it has influenced charismatic leaders for generations, and reports on the most recent international convention held in Orlando, Florida. The Order of St Luke was founded by The ... Read More

  • Michael Brown: Jezebel’s War With America

    MBrown-JezebelWarAmericaMichael L. Brown, Jezebel’s War With America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide (Lake Mary, FL: Frontline, 2019), 256 pages, ISBN 9781629996660. Dr. Michael Brown is a well-known figure in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles. He travels the world preaching, ... Read More

  • Avoiding Spiritual Dangers and Pitfalls: an interview with Eddie Hyatt

    EHyatt-AngelsOfLight-interviewCoverHaving recently read and reviewed Angels of Light by Eddie Hyatt, Pastor Larry Russi asks questions to clarify and go even more in-depth.   Larry Russi: Thank you Dr. Hyatt for agreeing to do this interview. I was greatly blessed by your book. Larry Russi: What were the ... Read More

  • Wanting What the Lord Wants, an Interview with Paul King

    PKing-interviewPaul King, who is a Bible teacher, evangelist, educator, historian, pastor, and cancer survivor, has distinguished qualifications to talk about what God has done and what God is doing. In this interview with, we speak with him about his own story and his recent ... Read More

  • Mark Rutland: Courage to be Healed

    Courage-To-Be-Healed-Featured-ImageMark Rutland, Courage to be Healed: Finding Hope to Restore Your Soul (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2019), 208 pages, ISBN 9781629996479. Dr. Mark Rutland is the president of a ministry called Global Servants, this ministry has a base in Africa and in Asia. He is also ... Read More

  • William De Arteaga: Aging Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer

    WDeArteaga-AgingGracefullyWilliam L. De Arteaga with Susan Brooks Thomas, Aging Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer (Lexington: Emeth Press, 2019), vii + 86 pages. In his latest book, Aging Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer, William L. De Arteaga has given us a wonderful little ... Read More

  • The Modern Day Warrior (Pressure is Pressure)

    DReiland-ModernDayWarrior-cover Let’s face facts, we are all going to face some type of pressure in our ministry. How are you reacting to pressure and how do you overcome it?   My nearly-sixteen-year-old daughter’s favorite movie is Braveheart. Naturally, if William Wallace can capture Mackenzie’s heart I want to ... Read More

  • Summer 2019: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Summer2019 J. Lee Grady, “8 Ways Global Christianity Is Different From America’s Church” Fire In My Bones (June 5, 2019).   Jessie Pang and Marius Zaharia, “’Sing Hallelujah to the Lord': The unlikely anthem of Hong Kong protests” The Japan Times (June 18, 2019). The Hong Kong protest ... Read More

  • Basic Biblical Principles of Discernment

    PKing-BasicBibleDiscernment The biblical principles of discernment are based on the seven foundation blocks of the previous chapter: Discernment is God-given, Christ-centered, Spirit-guided, prayer-saturated, Scripture-based, corporately-confirmed, divinely-balanced. Eight biblical principles of discernment, based on the acronym DISCERNS, include the following: Discover Biblical Precedent. Investigate for Scriptural Harmony. Scrutinize for ... Read More

  • Vulnerable Mission

    JHarries-VulnerableMission How can modern Western sending organizations move away from the legacy of colonialism and avoid creating unhealthy dependencies? To start with, carry out ministry in non-Western contexts using the languages and resources of the host culture. This article from missionary-scholar Jim Harries introduces the radical ... Read More

  • Mount Murud Prayer Gathering 2019

    MountMurud-prayer Look what the Lord is doing! A special report from a participant in the Ba’kelalan Revival.   John Lathrop wrote this introduction for this report by Soh Pooi Siang: Mount Murud is located in Malaysia. The church on this site has a direct connection to the Ba’kelalan Revival. The ... Read More

  • The Resurgence of the Gospel, Part Five: Glimpses of the Work of God

    Europe_cropHistorian Woodrow Walton helps us look back over the big events and movement of history to see how God was working to make the story of Jesus known throughout the world. In this postscript to the Resurgence of the Gospel series, he ties together what ... Read More

  • In Jesus we have overcome, an interview with Michael Brown

    MBrown-interview-cover Dr. Michael Brown speaks with Pneuma Review about his new book, Jezebel’s War With America. He urges believers to remember who we are in Jesus and take a stand against the spirit of the age. Please explain to our readers what you mean by Jezebel ... Read More

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