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Fall 2022

  • Craig Keener on Gordon Fee, Giant of Pentecostal Scholarship

    GordonFeeGordon D. Fee went home to be with the Lord on October 25, 2022. I learned of Gordon Fee’s passing yesterday from his gracious and kind daughter, Cherith. Gordon and his family always treated me so graciously. Gordon kind of took me under his wing ... Read More

  • Michael Brown on Gordon Fee, Pioneer and Scholarly Role Model

    GordonFee_amazonGordon D. Fee went home to be with the Lord on October 25, 2022. As a Pentecostal scholar, Gordon Fee was both a pioneer and a role model, showing us that you could be academic and Spirit-filled at the same time. Not only so, but as ... Read More

  • A look at ministry dynamics for Latinos

    Latino-IsmaelParamo-I-YAoNw2nds-544x363A friend of mine, Pastor Eli Garza, recently shared with me some links about Latino evangelicals in the US.   First up is a podcast from the National Association of Evangelicals. Their introduction is: “Hispanics make up nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population. They have played ... Read More

  • A Reflection on the Influence of Gordon Fee

    RickWadholm_meetingGordonFee--cropBy Rick Wadholm Jr, December 15, 2022 Gordon Donald Fee (May 23, 1934—October 25, 2022) arguably stands as one of the most widely known and influential Pentecostal scholars of the late twentieth to early twenty-first centuries. His works range broadly on topics of hermeneutics, translation, textual ... Read More

  • Looking Backward, Forward, and Inward to Move Forward Victoriously: 2022 Manila International Mission Conference

    ManilaIMC2022-4MainDr. Elijah Kim reports on the 7th Manila International Mission Conference that took place on August 5-6, 2022. The theme of the conference was “Revive Us in the Midst of COVID-19,” attracting nearly 2,000 delegates from 17 countries. After finishing the Manila International Mission Conference of ... Read More

  • Fall 2022: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Fall2022 “The Rise of the Pentecostal Fusionists: They’re uniting Spirit-led worship with the riches of historic church tradition, says a leading charismatic bishop” Christianity Today (October 3, 2022). Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Church of God) professor Dale Coulter interviews Emilio Alvarez, presiding bishop of the Union of Charismatic ... Read More

  • Hadje Cresencio Sadje: Grassroots Asian Theologies

    HSadje-GrassrootsAsianTheologiesHadje Cresencio Sadje, Grassroots Asian Theologies: Doing Pentecostal Theology in the Philippine Context (Kalamazoo, MI: Ekyprosis Press, 2022), 127 pages, ISBN 9798985592627. Hadje Cresencio Sadje, a Filipino scholar doing Ph. D. studies at the University of Vienna, contributes to global contextual methodologies through his monograph, Grassroots ... Read More

  • Juan M. B. Gutierrez: Judaizing Jesus

    JMBGutierrez-JudaizingJesusJuan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez, Judaizing Jesus: Radical Jewish Approaches to Christianity (Grand Prairie, TX: Yaron Publishing, 2019), ISBN 9781705609019. New Testament readers are all too familiar with the concept of judiazers, those who attempt to force Christians into following the rituals and traditions of Jewish Orthodoxy. ... Read More

  • Robert Menzies: Is the Chinese Church Predominantly Pentecostal? Part 2: The House Church Networks

    RMenzies-ChineseChurchPentecostal-P2-HouseChurches-cover Is the Church in China Predominantly Pentecostal? Part 2: The House Church Networks: A Theological Assessment China for Christ (Fang Cheng) Let us begin with what appears to the largest of the house church networks currently operating in China, China For Christ (sometimes called the Fang Cheng Church). ... Read More

  • The Theological Problem of Spirit versus Scripture

    THarris-ChurchWhoHearsA radical move In 2002 I was contemplating an interstate move on the basis of a dream. ‘Move to Sydney,’ the Spirit had said, ‘and you will become the Academic Dean of Hillsong College.’ At the time, I had been working two part-time jobs – one ... Read More

  • Paul Hattaway: Xinjiang: China’s Gateway to the World

    PHattaway-XinjiangPaul Hattaway, Xinjiang: China’s Gateway to the World (United Kingdom: Piquant Editions, 2022), 359 pages, ISBN ‎9781803290058. This book is volume 6 of Paul Hattaway’s China Chronicles Series. It focuses on the province of Xinjiang, which is located in the northwest area of China, it serves ... Read More

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