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January 2015: Recent events

Joe Joslin and Raul Mock after a meeting on January 21 to talk about site maintenance and social media management.

Thank you for your patience while the team worked through how to get back online after an outage occurred on Tuesday afternoon, January 27. The site turned back on around 10 pm EST yesterday, Jan 29.

Last week, editors were talking about how to address several aspects of long term site maintenance, but we did not yet have time to implement the strategies before this outage.

While the site was down, the calendar kept rolling and several items were published. Here is a round-up of what is new to the site from the last two weeks.

First of all, look at the January 14 newsletter to read about everything published the previous week. If you haven’t yet signed up to receive our weekly newsletter, you can do so by putting your email address into the box in the Subscribe tab (in the sidebar on the upper right hand side). The January 21 newsletter may also be found on the list of newsletter issues. However, since the site was offline on Jan 28, no newsletter was produced, so this round-up will serve in its stead.


Take a course on biblical interpretation with New Testament scholar, Professor Craig S. Keener.

Rightly Understanding God’s Word: Learning Context, Part 1, by Craig S. Keener From the Summer 2003 issue.

Rightly Understanding God’s Word: Learning Context, Part 2, by Craig S. Keener From the Fall 2003 issue.

Rightly Understanding God’s Word: Whole-Book Context, Part 2, by Craig S. Keener From the Spring 2004 issue. Continued from Part 1 in the Winter 2004 issue.

See also this update about current Writing Projects from Craig S. Keener, published Jan 26.


I have asked for Curriculum Suggestions on behalf of one of our readers. Published Jan 19.


Book Review: Timothy B. Walsh, To Meet and Satisfy a Very Hungry People: The Origins and Fortunes of English Pentecostalism, 1907 – 1925 (Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, 2012), reviewed by  John Miller. Published Jan 25.


The entire Praying in the Spirit series is now available as of Jan 21. If you haven’t read these chapters by Robert Graves yet, make time to do so soon. I really appreciate everything he has done to promote scholarship among renewalists (Pentecostals and charismatics), including the recent publication of Strangers to Fire, for which he was the editor.


When I spoke with Messianic teacher, Kevin Williams, over lunch this past Tuesday (Jan 27), he said that he was amazed and encouraged when he was reminded of this conversation: “Why blow the shofar if nothing is changing?” from the Spring 2001 issue, republished on Jan 24. For myself, I still remember being surprised and likewise encouraged that a print edition of The Pneuma Review had made it all the way to Finland. When I think of how is now available without cost to everyone in the world with internet access, I am rejoicing and celebrating, even if we still have some things to learn about how to manage a digital publishing schedule and site maintenance. Thanks for your patience with us. It truly is a pleasure to be bringing to our global audience works being produced by today’s Spirit-filled scholars.


From the Editor’s Desk: Doing Theology 
I wrote this for the Summer 2005 issue, but it still resonates with me.


How Should we Lead the Church? A Pneuma Review Conversation 
I put together this list of articles to invite church leaders to read and respond to what writers have had to say about leading the church. Published Jan 28.


The Bible and Christian Ethics, reviewed by Stephen Vantassel This review by theology professor and human-wildlife relations expert, Stephen Vantassel, published yesterday (Jan 29) while the site was still offline.


Thank you again for remembering this ministry in prayer and for joining the conversation by sharing articles through social media and leaving comments under articles.

In the love of the Father,

Raul Mock
January 30, 2015

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About the Author: Raul L. Mock is one of the founders and directors of the Pneuma Foundation and editor of The Pneuma Review. Raul has been part of an Evangelical publishing ministry since 1996, working with Information Services and Supply Chain Management for more than two decades. He and his wife, Erin, have a daughter and twin boys and live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. LinkedIn

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