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Spring 1999

  • Coming in Summer 1999

    trees-in-summer--1432140-m The Full Picture of Passover by Kevin Williams will continue his Messianic Foundations Series.   The Praying in the Spirit Series by Robert W. Graves continues with The Focus of the Charismatic Experience: Tongues, the Holy Spirit, or Christ?   Baptism with the Spirit: Is it Normal to ... Read More
  • John Pester: Jesus Christ: Last Adam, Life-giving Spirit

    AffirmationCritique199810vol3no4  John Pester, “Jesus Christ: Last Adam, Life-giving Spirit,” Affirmation and Critique, Vol. 3, No. 4 (Oct. 1998). Affirmation and Critique is a quarterly which addresses theological subjects in a continuum. Through a variety of articles by numerous authors, the last seven issues have focused on the ... Read More
  • Jon Ruthven: What’s Right About the Faith Movement

    Jon Ruthven 201208  Jon Ruthven, “What’s Right About the Faith Movement,” Ministries Today Volume 17, Number 1 (January-February 1999), pages 56-60. One of the most respected scholars among charismatic circles has recently written briefly about what is perhaps the most controversial segment of the independent charismatic movement, the Word ... Read More
  • Keith Bailey: Servants in Charge

    KBailey-ServantsInCharge-2007  Keith M. Bailey, Servants in Charge: A Training Manual for Elders and Deacons (Camphill, PA: Christian Publications, 1979), 186 pages. One can find about as many a different ministry philosophies as there are church groups or denominations these days. Leadership styles and structures also seem to ... Read More
  • Tongues and Other Miraculous Gifts in the Second Through Nineteenth Centuries, Part 3: From the 5th to the 13th Centuries

    cloventonguesoffire  Richard M. Riss presents evidence for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit throughout the Church Age.   The North African Revival We have seen that Augustine had adopted the view that miracles had ceased with the close of the apostolic age. In the last two or ... Read More
  • Internet Resources

    going-global-956664-m  The Internet You probably already know that the Internet has become a tremendous resource to many pastors, professors and Bible students. It can be a seamless tool for research of all kinds, from locating a Bible school to looking up ancient sources. In this issue, just ... Read More
  • The Kingdom and the Spirit

    Gene Green  In what way is the kingdom of God manifested in the time between the first and second coming of Jesus Christ? This question has been a prime preoccupation in discussions concerning the kingdom or reign of God. In this investigation we shall take a first ... Read More
  • Praying in the Spirit: Some Marvelous Effects of Praying in the Spirit

    RGraves-PrayingInTheSpirit The second chapter of the Praying in the Spirit Series. Most evangelicals believe that one always remembers the day he or she became a Christian. I remember the day very well. I was alone in a half‑completed apartment building off Interstate 1‑75 in Atlanta, Georgia. I was ... Read More
  • Messianic Pictures in the Temple Sacrificial System

    levilamb-color_small  “… all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” (Luke 24:44 NAS) These words of Jesus are both wonderful and mysterious. It is easy to see the messianic implications of a passage such ... Read More
  • Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurray: Receiving the Power

    ZLong_DMcMurray-ReceivingPower  Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurray, Receiving the Power: Preparing the Way for The Holy Spirit (Grand Rapids: Chosen Books, 1996), 251 pages. The authors of the book The Collapse of the Brass Heaven have teamed up again to write about finding power to do what ... Read More
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