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Is Doomsday Upon Us?

As we look at world events today, our minds are flooded with anxiety about how history may turn out. If one would take time to study prophecies that point to the End Times (eschatology) it seems easy to understand how current world events play a major role in biblical prophecy. Though I’ve never considered myself an expert in End Time theology, it is nonetheless a very important matter. Lately I’ve become more aware of the significance of studying prophecies that point to the end of time (or the end of the age), because for the past 18 years I have been working on a translation of the Bible called The New Millennia In-depth Study Bible. At the present, I am exegeting or interpreting Scriptures in Chapter 20 of Revelation, and this has caused my mind to become acutely aware of the significance of paying attention to events and signs, and how they influence prophecy. These are trying times for us all, because of the buildup of nuclear weapons, unstable economies, and the turmoil and unrest that is in the world. These things cause us to feel unsettled and to realize that something is about to happen.

In Mark 13 (and Matt. 24 1-51 and Luke 21:5-36) Jesus spoke of all these issues which left a very deep impression on His followers. In this story the disciples made comments on the strength of the stones the buildings were made of and Jesus replied that not one stone shall be left upon another. The Lord was teaching them how temporary such structures actually are. Then some time later He went into more detail with them how things would be in the end times. He spoke of: deception, wars, earthquakes, famines and other signs. In Mark 13:32-37, He stressed to them that no one would know the day or the hour of the end [of the age], but to be watchful and faithful in serving God.

As believers we must stand firm in our faith and look for His coming. The term “Doomsday” should not make us afraid, but instead bring us hope. We are not to put our trust in the things of this world for they are temporary. When we see these things (Mk. 13: 32-37), we are to look up for our redemption draws nigh!

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Are you waiting for Jesus, the Uptaker or for the Mortician, the Undertaker? Regardless of whether we live to see our Lord return in the sky with glory [and take us up with Him], or whether we go down by way of the grave, we shall be victorious so long as we have put our trust in Him, Jesus [the] Christ.


From September 2023 edition of The Grapevine. Used with permission.

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About the Author: Henry A. Harbuck, Ph.D., Th.D., is General Overseer and President of AEGA Ministries International. He is an author, pastor, conference speaker, educator, and certified naturopathic physician. Seeing the need for truth and accountability in Christian leadership, he co-founded the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies in 1988 as a fellowship that would provide spiritual and legal covering for independent ministers, ministries and churches. The AEGA now has members in 50 countries and networks in over 65 nations around the world. Dr. Harbuck completed a study aide in 2023 entitledThe New Millennia In-Depth Bible.

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