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Fall 2017

  • Jennifer Miskov: Walking on Water

    JMiskov-WalkingOnWater Jen Miskov’s new book publishes October 3, 2017. Jennifer A. Miskov, Walking on Water: Experiencing a Life of Miracles, Courageous Faith and Union with God (Bloomington, MN: Chosen Books, 2017), 192 pages, ISBN 9780800798512. Jennifer Miskov is both a scholar and a revivalist. Her web site ( ... Read More

  • Amy Abdallah: The Book of Womanhood

    Abdallah.TheBookOfWomanhoodAmy F. Davis Abdallah, The Book of Womanhood (Cascade Books, 2015 / The Lutterworth Press, 2016), xviii + 203 pages, ISBN 9781498221344/9780718894245. When does a girl become a woman? What does it mean to be a woman, as opposed to a girl? Likely, there are a ... Read More

  • Seven Stress Management Tips

    7StressMgmtTips Everyone has stress in their life, but some seasons of life brings more than at other times. Learning how to cope with it makes the difference between being overwhelmed and learning to grow. In the more than 20 years that I’ve been ministering to cancer patients ... Read More

  • Stuart Parsons: Ancient Apologetic Exegesis

    AncientApologeticExegesisStuart E. Parsons, Ancient Apologetic Exegesis: Introducing and Recovering Theophilus’ World (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2015), 254 pages, ISBN 9781625648099. Theophilus of Antioch is one of the so-called Apologists of the second century, and perhaps the most undervalued among them. He is widely regarded as the first ... Read More

  • Craig Evans: God Speaks

    CEvans-GodSpeaksCraig A. Evans, God Speaks: What He Says, What He Means (Franklin, TN: Worthy Publishing, 2015), xii + 255. Craig Evans is a well-known evangelical scholar and writer. Since 2016 he has been Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University and before that taught ... Read More

  • God Has Done Something Remarkable: An Interview with Paul Hattaway

    PHattaway-AnAsianHarvest-crop The largest revival in Christian history: speaks with Bible smuggler and missionary to Asia, Paul Hattaway, about his ministry and new autobiography, An Asian Harvest. You are the founder of a ministry called Asia Harvest. What prompted you to start this ministry and what ... Read More

  • Sarah Withrow King: Animals Are Not Ours (No, Really, They’re Not)

    ????????????????Sarah Withrow King, Animals Are Not Ours (No, Really, They’re Not): An Evangelical Animal Liberation Theology (Cambridge: The Lutterworth Press, 2016), v + 184 pages. According to the back cover, King is Deputy Director of the Sider Centre at Eastern University. She is just another Christian ... Read More

  • Daniel Castelo: Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition

    DCastelo-PentecostalismChristianMysticalTraditionDaniel Castelo, Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2017), 194 + xx pages, ISBN 9780802869562. In this book, Daniel Castelo’s main goal is to show how Pentecostalism “is decisively not a Protestant tradition generally” and “not part of ... Read More

  • Healing ministry began after an Immersion in Love for Jesus: An Interview with Jack Sheffield When were you baptized in the Holy Spirit what differences did this experience bring to your ministry? Jack Sheffield: In 1973, I was converted to Christianity out from a pagan background, and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the same moment I was ... Read More

  • An Appreciation of Martin Luther: On Why Many Denominations Do Not Destroy the Unity of the Church

    AnAppreciationMartinLuther-WDeArteaga I was raised in the 1950s, in the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church, and was taught that Martin Luther led the “Protestant Revolt” against the Catholic Church. Worse, he was largely responsible for “rending the unity” of the Universal Church. Even today, when Catholics no longer ... Read More

  • Scott Hahn: The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire

    SHahn-KingdomGodLiturgicalEmpireScott W. Hahn, The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire: A Theological Commentary on 1-2 Chronicles (Baker Academic, 2012). The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire is Dr. Hahn’s finest work. This reviewer has read some of Hahn’s other works and has some of them in ... Read More

  • The Legacy of Smith Wigglesworth and Revival for Today

    SmithWigglesworth_praying_for_a_sick_woman-publicdomainThis article has a two-fold purpose. First of all, we write to honor the legacy of Smith Wigglesworth, a very famous Christian healing minister and prophet of the late 1800’s all the way through the late 1940’s. Notably, he did extraordinary feats and exploits in ... Read More

  • Good News to Change the World: An Interview with Lisa Sharon Harper

    GoodNewChangeWorldLisa Sharon Harper is a follower of Jesus calling all followers of Jesus to love every person the same and seek their flourishing. speaks with her about her story and how God is inviting each of us to participate with him in making his ... Read More

  • The Five Hundredth Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

    luthertheses_crop A brief retelling of the birth of the Protestant Reformation with the hanging of Luther’s 95 Theses on October 31, 1517. This approaching October 31, 2017, when most people in the USA will be celebrating “Hallow-een,” with pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie, going “trick-or-treat”-ing, and make-believe witches ... Read More

  • Tania Harris: God Conversations

    THarris-GodConversationsTania Harris, God Conversations: Stories of How God Speaks and What Happens When We Listen (West Ryde, Australia: Authentic Media, 2017), 240 pages, ISBN 9781780781884. Tania Harris is both an academic and a practioner. She has been a student, teacher, pastor, church planter, an international speaker, ... Read More

  • A Great Mission Field and a Place to Spread Blessings From

    Physical_Map_of_Europe_cropDear friends at, We are now in France and Spain for ministry where we have been for two weeks. Last week we had our Revival Europe Training Conference with about 700 Chinese from the whole of Europe and many from China. Among the speakers was ... Read More

  • All In: Following Jesus

    wiki-JesusGoesInTheEveningToBethany_JamesTissot-crop2Yesterday, November 26, was Christ the King Sunday on the Liturgical Calendar. I preached a message entitled “All In,” taken from Luke 9:57–62. In the Gospel text, Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem to be crucified. A man, not knowing why Jesus is heading to ... Read More

  • Vern Poythress: Redeeming Mathematics

    VPoythress-RedeemingMathematicsVern S. Poythress, Redeeming Mathematics: A God-centered Approach (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015), 208 pages, ISBN 9781433541100. Vern Poythress is uniquely qualified to write on the topic of theology and math because he holds terminal degrees in both subjects. Right from his introduction, Poythress admits that most ... Read More

  • Adam McHugh: Introverts in the Church

    AMcHugh-IntrovertsAdam S. McHugh, Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture, Revised and Expanded (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2017), 240 pages, ISBN 9780830843916 Introverts in the Church was first released in 2009. The book caught my eye back then because I am ... Read More

  • Evangelist of Pentecostalism: The Rufus Moseley Story

    JRufusMoselyChurch historian William De Arteaga introduces an important but often forgotten figure that God used to prepare many for the Charismatic Renewal. If there was no Rufus Moseley, there might not have been a Charismatic Renewal. Born in 1870 and died in 1954, J. Rufus Moseley ... Read More

  • Faith in the City: How the Early Church Flourished in Urban Centers

    ChristianHistory124Christian History Institute (CHI), publisher of Christian History magazine (CH), announces its latest issue, titled: Faith in the City – How the Early Church Flourished in Urban Centers. The entire issue focuses on how Christians lived in early urban centers and emerging cities, which became building blocks of Western ... Read More

  • Sarah Bowling: In Step with the Spirit

    SBowling-InStepWithTheSpiritSarah Bowling, In Step with the Spirit: Infusing Your Life with God’s Presence and Power (Chosen Books, 2017), 240 pages, ISBN 9780800798451. Sarah Bowling is the daughter of the Rev. Wallace and Marilyn Hickey. She joins her mother as a co-host and Bible teacher on their ... Read More

  • Which Greek New Testament is God’s Word?

    WhichGreekNTGenerally speaking, three Greek New Testaments have been used by scholars as the basis of recent English translations:  the Textus Receptus (initially published in 1516 and refined during the 1500’s), the Byzantine Text (published in 1982 as the Hodges-Farstad Majority Text, and in 2005 as ... Read More

  • Pentecostals and Ecumenism: Lost Opportunity or Hopeful Challenge?

    201801WmMenziesLectureship-crop On behalf of the leadership of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, I am pleased to extend an invitation to you to attend the annual William Menzies Lectureship that will be held on our campus in Baguio City, Philippines, on January 15-19, 2018. The speaker will ... Read More

  • SPS at SBL 2017

    SPSatSBL2017 Rick Wadholm Jr. gives a short review of the 2017 sessions of the Society for Pentecostal Studies during the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.   I was privileged to attend three of the Society for Pentecostal Studies sessions during the annual meeting of the ... Read More

  • Charles Kraft: Power Encounter In Spiritual Warfare

    PrintCharles H. Kraft, Power Encounter In Spiritual Warfare (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2017), 124 pages, ISBN 9781532617140. Charles Kraft has taught at Fuller Seminary and has served as a missionary in Nigeria. In addition to these ministries he has also written a number of books ... Read More

  • Fall 2017: Other Significant Articles

    Fall2017-OtherSignificant   “Can Josh Harris Kiss His Book Goodbye?: Twenty years after his dating bestseller, he reconsiders its controversial arguments” Quick To Listen (July 10, 2017). In this 41 minute podcast, the former megachurch pastor associated with the charismatic Calvinist fellowship Sovereign Grace discusses how he is ... Read More

  • From Jerusalem, Around the World, and Back to Jerusalem

    FromJerusalemAroundWorldBackToJerusalem speaks with Eugene Bach, a spokesman and leader of the Chinese mission movement, Back to Jerusalem, about their vision and the amazing things they have seen God do as they carry the good news to the world’s most restrictive places. Please tell our readers ... Read More

  • Social Media and the Pentecostal Church

    SocialMediaPentecostalChurch-smallIn this March 2016 paper, Kyle Smith notes important issues about how Christians, particularly Pentecostals, are influenced by social media and how churches are using it to increase their reach. Where has the center moved? The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of ... Read More

  • Christian History Magazine commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

    CH115The Reformation Challenged Christendom with Bible Truths and Started the Protestant Movement – Set of Four Issues Examine Effects on Government, Commerce, Education, Theology & Social Institutions that Birthed Western Civilization Worcester, PA, October, 2017 – Christian History Institute (CHI), publisher of Christian History magazine (CHM), ... Read More

  • Global Renewal Christianity: Africa

    GlobalRenewalChristianity-V3-AfricaVinson Synan, Amos Yong, and J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, eds., Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements—Past, Present, and Future, Volume 3: Africa (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2016) liv+ 499 pages. This volume focused on the Spirit in Africa is the third in a series of now four ... Read More

  • Global Renewal Christianity: Asia and Oceania

    GlobalRenewalChristianity-V1-AsiaOceaniaVinson Synan and Amos Yong, eds., Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements—Past, Present, and Future, Volume 1: Asia and Oceania (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2016), 544 pages, ISBN 9781629986883. The current volume under review is a collection of twenty-one essays written by scholars from a variety ... Read More

  • Mark Kinzer: Searching Her Own Mystery

    MKinzer-SearchingHerOwnMystery2Mark S. Kinzer, Searching Her Own Mystery: Nostra Aetate, the Jewish People, and the Identity of the Church (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2015), 262 pages, ISBN 9781498203319. The Messianic Jewish movement includes a broad spectrum of claims regarding authentic Jewish life and expression of faith in ... Read More

  • The Spread of the Gospel in Hindsight: The Church’s First 1452 Years

    WWalton-SpreadGospelHindsightWhat can Christians today learn from the successes and failures of Christians in the first fifteen centuries of the breaking out of the Good News of Jesus the Christ? This article by historian Woodrow Walton is an Epilogue to The Gospel In History series. With apologies ... Read More

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