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Anglicans from the Global South and the Worldwide Anglican Communion

A brief review essay from Christian historian William De Arteaga on the tremendous changes taking place in the worldwide Anglican Church.

Roger E. Olson, “Something Interesting Is Happening in the Worldwide Anglican Communion (And Why It Matters to Non-Anglicans)” (June 28, 2018).

Canterbury Cathedral
Image: Peter K. Burian / Wikimedia Commons

The article by professor Roger Olson if both informative and insightful. As an Anglican priest I especially appreciate how Olson, a Baptist, has grasped the essence of what has transpired in the now splintered Anglican churches. I would go further than Olson’s analysis and say that the Anglican churches are now divided into two irreconcilable denominations. The Western or Northern Anglican churches, versus the Anglican churches of the Global South. The latter group were planted by English missionaries who truly believed the Bible and were orthodox in doctrine. The more liberal clergy stayed at home to ruin their churches with unbelief.  My denomination, the Anglican Church of North America, has cast its lot with the churches of the Global South.

As an Episcopal lay person thirty years ago I saw the rampant apostasy in many Episcopal churches, and most of its clergy. Many of us put up a “good fight” for orthodoxy, but left to form orthodox (and often charismatic) congregations when it was obvious that the fight was lost.

Reviewed by William De Arteaga


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See also London Vicar Rachel Marszalek’s reports on the 2017 Anglican renewal convention, New Wine: “New Wine 2017: The Irony of Experience” and “New Wine 2017: Elephants Explored.”


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About the Author: William L. De Arteaga, Ph.D., is known internationally as a Christian historian and expert on revivals and the rebirth and renewal of the Christian healing movement. His major works include, Quenching the Spirit (Creation House, 1992, 1996), Forgotten Power: The Significance of the Lord’s Supper in Revival (Zondervan, 2002), and Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal (Wipf & Stock, 2015). Bill pastored two Hispanic Anglican congregations in the Marietta, Georgia area, and is semi-retired. He and his wife Carolyn continue in their healing, teaching and writing ministries. He is the state chaplain of the Order of St. Luke, encouraging the ministry of healing in all Christian denominations. Facebook

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