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Spring 2015

  • A Hog in the Brickwork

    Kings_chapel_roof  I remember the day Jimmy Mulligan called me all excited. Jimmy was my foreman when I rehabbed the exterior walls of the West Point Military Academy’s Hotel Thayer. Even though this call was 50 years ago, I still remember it. Jimmy shouted: “Murray, there’s a hog ... Read More

  • Merold Westphal: Whose Community? Which Interpretation?

    westhal.inddMerold Westphal, Whose Community? Which Interpretation?: Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church, The Church and Postmodern Culture Series (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2009) , 160 pages, ISBN 9780801031472. At last! A reliable and accessible book on philosophical hermeneutics for pastors, seminarians, and Christians, who may know little ... Read More

  • Dennis Balcombe: China’s Opening Door

    DBalcombe-ChinasOpeningDoorDennis Balcombe, China’s Opening Door: Incredible Stories of the Holy Spirit at Work in One of the Greatest Revivals in Christianity (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2014), 256 pages, ISBN 9781621365723. Dennis Balcombe is an American missionary who has spent the last four and a half decades ... Read More

  • It’s Easter Morning and the Lord has risen

    sunrise-BillWilliams-324x243Easter is the centerpiece of the Christian Faith. It is the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The proclamation of “He is risen” and its response “He is risen indeed” will keynote Easter services all over the world. The ... Read More

  • God is opening a door to China, with Dennis Balcombe

    DennisBalcombe Video introduction by Dennis Balcombe about his new book, China’s Opening Door: Incredible Stories of the Holy Spirit at Work in One of the Greatest Revivals in Christianity (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2014). Read John Lathrop’s review.   Originally published on August 12, 2014 by Charisma ... Read More

  • Loren Sandford: Yes, There’s More

    LSandford-YesTheresMoreAvailable from booksellers on April 7, 2015. R. Loren Sandford, Yes, There’s More: A Return To Childlike Faith And A Deeper Experience of God (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2015), 240 pages. ISBN-10:1621369803 ISBN-13:978-1621369806 R. Loren Sandford is the senior pastor of New Song Church and ... Read More

  • The language of priests and the role of bishops in Jesus’ day

    Esnoga Synagogue AmsterdamKevin Williams responds to questions about the language used in the Second Temple and the role of the Bishop outside of the New Testament. This is part of a conversation that started with Henry Harbuck’s article, “What Bible Did Jesus Use?” and continued with “What ... Read More

  • Walter Brueggemann: Sabbath as Resistance

    WBrueggemann-SabbathAsResistanceWalter Brueggemann, Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2014), 89 pages, ISBN 9780664239282. Walter Brueggemann delivers another of his thought provoking works (in the vein of The Prophetic Imagination and its various spin-offs) intended to provide ... Read More

  • Bill Oliverio: Theological Hermeneutics in the Classical Pentecostal Tradition

    WOliverio-TheologicalHermeneuticsL. William Oliverio, Jr., Theological Hermeneutics in the Classical Pentecostal Tradition: A Typological Account (Netherlands: Brill, 2012), ISBN 9789004280175. I just finished reading L. William Oliverio, Jr., monograph, Theological Hermeneutics in the Classical Pentecostal Tradition: A Typological Account. In the first six chapters, Oliverio maps the ... Read More

  • The Coming of Pietistic-Pentecostalism: Summary and Reflection on Amos Yong’s 2015 Downey Lectures

    AmosYong-DowneyLectures1wLogo On February 11th and 12th 2015, Amos Yong delivered a two-part series of lectures at Ambrose University for the annual Murray W. Downey Lectureship. Ambrose University is a Christian institution of higher education in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, composed of a denominationally diverse community seeking to ... Read More

  • Mental Health Matters, reviewed by Joy Allan

    Vital2015MarchAprilIssueButch and Pam Frey, “Mental Health Matters: It’s not too late for the Church to be an agent of healing for those facing mental illness” Vital (April 6, 2015). This is a good article. Reading it made me feel as though someone is finally saying in ... Read More

  • Bringing Light and Life to Nepal

    PastorMina-341x350Pastor Mina KC is a short, quiet, and polite woman from Nepal. Her slight stature and quiet demeanor hide from immediate view the great ways that the Lord has used her. Her story is both inspiring and encouraging to women who desire to be in ... Read More

  • Antipas Harris interviewed by T.D. Jakes

    TDJakes_interview2 Bishop T. D. Jakes and Lady Serita Jakes speak with Antipas Harris about homiletics and his new book, Unstoppable Success: 7 Ways to Flourish in Your Boundless Potential. This program was broadcast at 10pm EST, Friday, April 17th on the Worldwide TBN Praise the Lord program. The ... Read More

  • Let the Church be the Church Amidst a National Crisis of Trust

    AntipasHarris-422x286A Call for the Spirit-filled Church to be Proactive, Prodigious, and Prophetic: Let the Church be the Church Amidst a National Calamity, Echoing Once Again – Baltimore this Time!   The collective heart of a grieving nation continues to shatter as protesters shout in vain over the ... Read More

  • An Affirmative Pentecostal Theology of the Miraculous

    AnAffirmativePentecostalTheologyOfTheMiraculous  Introduction I am personally fully persuaded that the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements have been raised up by God in manifestation of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ. However, I have noticed two reflex reactions that often occur when the subject of miracles ... Read More

  • Pentecostals and the World: Reflections on the 2015 Society for Pentecostal Studies Convention

    CandyGuntherBrown_plenary-SPS2015-375x152I thank God who enabled me to participate in the 44th Annual Meeting for the Society for Pentecostal Studies held at Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida, on March 12-14, 2015. This was my fourth consecutively attended SPS meeting, having attended my first in 2012. I find ... Read More

  • Jordan Seng: Miracle Work

    JSeng-MiracleWorkJordan Seng, Miracle Work: A Down-To-Earth Guide To Supernatural Ministry (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2013), 224 pages, ISBN 9780830837649. Jordan Seng is the pastor of Bluewater Mission in Honolulu, Hawaii. In this book he addresses the subject of supernatural ministry. However, the book is not primarily ... Read More

  • Daniel Snape Ordination

    DanSnape_ordination1-20150503Daniel Snape, a contributor to The Pneuma Review, was ordained on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015. The ordination took place at his home church, The River Church, which is a non-denominational church located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Daniel holds an MDiv degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is ... Read More

  • Randy Clark: Power to Heal

    RClark-PowerToHealRandy Clark, Power to Heal: Keys to Activating God’s Healing Power in Your Life (Shippensberg: Destiny Image, 2015), 248 pages. The Rev. Dr. Randy Clark, one of the most important and influential figures of the present Pentecostal/charismatic movement, has just published his latest book, Power to ... Read More

  • Craig Keener: The Blessings and Mission of Those Grafted In

    Unity-AwakeningTheOneNewManIn this study of Romans 11, Craig Keener addresses how Gentile followers of Jesus have been grafted into the heritage of God’s people and how they are called to honor the Jewish people. “The Blessings and Mission of Those Grafted In”   This is chapter 11 from the ... Read More

  • From the East: A Russian Orthodox Priest Explains His Spiritual Views

    FatherAndrewLouthIn countries such as Russia, it’s almost impossible to ignore the Orthodox Church’s influence. While living in Russia with my American missionary parents, I was exposed to facets of Orthodoxy almost every week. We drove past exquisite cathedrals on the way to my parents’ bilingual ... Read More

  • Thank you to Authors

    lookingdowncloud-JoshuaEarle-378x252 One writer recently wrote about their honest struggle: “Sometimes I go through bouts of discouragement, wondering what difference does it make with any of this. What changes because of anything I have to say on these matters?” I remember in early 2013 looking at the ... Read More

  • Richard Bustraan: The Jesus People Movement

    RBustraan-TheJesusPeopleMovementRichard A. Bustraan, The Jesus People Movement: A Story of Spiritual Revolution Among the Hippies (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2014), 238 pages. In Richard Bustraan’s work, The Jesus People Movement, the author aims to describe and trace the Jesus People Movement within Pentecostal historiography. Although this work ... Read More

  • Craig Keener: Paul and Spiritual Warfare

    PaulMissionaryMethods-9780830857074Craig S. Keener, “Paul and Spiritual Warfare” in Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2012), pages 107-123. Spiritual warfare is a topic that has attracted a good deal of attention in recent years; this is perhaps especially true within ... Read More

  • Reflections on God’s Missiological Purpose at Babel

    Tour_de_babel_crop “At Pentecost an alternative to the imperial unity of Babel is created … Whereas the tower seeks to make people ‘not see’ and ‘not speak’ and sucks the energies out of the margins in order to stabilize and aggrandize the center, the Spirit pours energies ... Read More

  • Ida Glaser: The Bible and Other Faiths

    CDGP Bible Othr Faith #3304Ida Glaser, The Bible and Other Faiths: Christian Responsibility in a World of Religions, Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective, Series Editor, David Smith, Consulting Editor, John Stott (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2005), 255 pages. The Bible and Other Faiths ably brings together a unique ... Read More

  • An Introduction to Dreams and Visions in the Bible and Today

    JLathrop-Dreams&VisionsGod continues to give dreams and visions to his people.   Introduction The Bible has been around for a very long time; it has stood the test of time and been widely distributed. The Bible is available in many different English translations and has been translated into numerous ... Read More

  • Empowered to do Extraordinary Things

    AHarris-MSlessorI hope that you are off to a wonderful week! Sunday, I preached three services at the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk. We had an amazing time! The sermon was entitled: “Empowered to do Extraordinary Things.” Our focus passage was Acts 3:1-10 about Peter and John’s encounter with the ... Read More

  • North Georgia Pneuma Review writers fellowship

    20150614_NGeorgia1_494x278This past Sunday, on June 14, My family and I had the joy and privilege of sharing a meal with William and Carolyn De Arteaga and Rob and Sherri Wilkerson. We had a wonderful time of fellowship together, and I would enjoy seeing many more ... Read More

  • Spring 2015: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Spring2015 Dale M. Coulter, “Pentecostalism and the Question of Culture” First Things (November 13, 2014).   Andrew Wilson, “God Always Heals: Good news for our bodies—in this life and the next” Christianity Today (November 25, 2014). The pastor of a large charismatic church in England and the father ... Read More

  • Live interview on Church Refugees

    ChurchRefugees_Interview20150623A conversation about the people who say they are done with church.  Don’t miss my interview with Josh Packard this Tuesday night. Thanks Pneuma Review for asking me to review the book which led to an interview with Josh. The book is: Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal ... Read More

  • Sociologist Josh Packard on Church Refugees with Rob Wilkerson

    DechurchedInterview-440x402   Rob Wilkerson’s interview of sociologist Josh Packard about the people who say they are done with church.     The book being discussed is: Church Refugees: Sociologists Reveal Why People Are DONE With Church But Not Their Faith by Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope.   Read More

  • Roger Olson: Embarrassed by the Supernatural?

    RogerOlson-patheosRoger Olson, “Embarrassed by the Supernatural?” (April 29, 2015). Roger Olson’s challenge to Western Christianity about the power of God is a bold and biblical one. Questioning the status quo of our current version of traditional Christianity, he rightly believes that it has, “absorbed the worldview ... Read More

  • Ministry leaders react to gay marriage ruling

    wiki-Supreme_Court_US_2010Ministry leaders from across the United States react to the June 26 ruling of the Supreme Court recognizing same-sex marriage.   Roger E. Olson blogs: “And Now … What Conservative Churches Must Do.” Churches that believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman now must ... Read More

  • Candyce Roberts: Help for the Fractured Soul

    CRoberts-HelpfortheFracturedSoulCandyce Roberts, Help for the Fractured Soul: Experiencing Healing and Deliverance from Deep Trauma (Minneapolis, MN: Chosen Books, 2012), 203 pages, ISBN 9780800795320. “I have written this book,” writes Dr. Roberts, “to help those who want to bring the healing mercy of Jesus into the despairing ... Read More

  • Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving

    ResilientMinistryBob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman and Donald C. Guthrie, Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving (IVP Praxis, 2013), 313 pages, ISBN 9780830841035. Resilient Ministry commenced as a five-year research project conducted by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, and Donald C. Guthrie, colleagues ... Read More

  • Amos Yong: The Coming Global Christianity: Pietistic-Pentecostal Challenges and Opportunities, Introduction and Part 1

    AmosYong-DowneyLectures-theme   Amos Yong explores the impact of Pentecostalism on Christianity. This lecture was given on February 11, 2015 as part of the annual Murray W. Downey Lectureship at Ambrose University.   Please advance the timer to 25:15 when the introductions begin. [This streaming content appears with advertisements has ... Read More

  • Amos Yong: The Coming Global Christianity: Pietistic-Pentecostal Challenges and Opportunities, Part 2

    AmosYong-DowneyLectures2   Amos Yong explores the impact of Pentecostalism on Christianity. This lecture was given on February 12, 2015 as part of the annual Murray W. Downey Lectureship at Ambrose University. This is Part 2 of the series. Watch Introductions and Part 1 and Part 3 of ... Read More

  • Amos Yong: The Coming Global Christianity: Pietistic-Pentecostal Challenges and Opportunities, Part 3

    AmosYong-DowneyLectures3   Amos Yong explores the impact of Pentecostalism on Christianity. This lecture was given on February 12, 2015 as part of the annual Murray W. Downey Lectureship at Ambrose University. This is Part 3 of the series. Watch Introductions and Part 1, Part 2.   [This streaming content ... Read More

  • Ministry Before a Holy God with Craig Keener

    CKeener-Is6 Speaking as Asbury Theological Seminary, Professor Craig S. Keener speaks about Isaiah 6:1-8. Read More

  • Pneuma Review Spring 2015

    Pneuma ReviewThe exclusively digital edition of The Pneuma Review, Spring 2015 (18:2). Some of what you will find in this issue: Pastor-scholar Tony Richie presents, “An Affirmative Pentecostal Theology of the Miraculous” An Introduction to Dreams and Visions in the Bible and Today The Sinfulness and Destructiveness of Conspiracy Theories Church ... Read More

  • The Sinfulness and Destructiveness of Conspiracy Theories

    SinfulnessConspiracyTheories-395x232Chasing conspiracy theories is not going to solve any problems. True restoration begins when God’s people repent and walk in righteousness. A recent conspiracy theory has garnered much national attention. It involves “Jade Helm 15,” an Armed Services training exercise employing the elite units of the ... Read More

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    Amos Yong is Professor of Theology & Mission and director of the Center for Missiological Research at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena. His graduate education includes degree...

    Jelle Creemers: Theological Dialogue with Classical Pentecostals

    Antipas L. Harris, D.Min. (Boston University), S.T.M. (Yale University Divinity School), M.Div. (Emory University), is the president-dean of Jakes Divinity School and associate pasto...

    Invitation: Stories about transformation

    Craig S. Keener, Ph.D. (Duke University), is F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He is author of many books<...

    Studies in Acts

    Daniel A. Brown, PhD, planted The Coastlands, a church near Santa Cruz, California, serving as Senior Pastor for 22 years. Daniel has authored four books and numerous articles, but h...

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