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Spring 2003

  • Coming in the Summer 2003 (6:3) Issue

    shasta-daisy-1434797-m  The Summer 2003 issue continues the study of Biblical interpretation with Professor Craig Keener. Chapter Two: “Learning Context” is a lesson in reading the Scriptures for what they were intended to say instead of reading them according to our preconceived ideas.   Messianic teacher Kevin Williams continues ... Read More
  • The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel’s Messiah, Part 9: Matthew 13-14, by Kevin M. Williams

    SecretCodes In this section of our study on Matthew 13, we take a look at the parables. This investigation will not likely be the same as many other examinations of Yeshua’s (Jesus’1) parables. From the outset, our purpose has been to demonstrate the “Jewishness” of this ... Read More
  • Spring 2003: Other Significant Articles

    JIPacker_Regent  J. I. Packer, “Why I Walked” Christianity Today (January 2002), pages 46-50. Evangelical leader J. I. Packer explains why he left the Anglican Church when the denomination authorized its bishops to bless same-sex unions in June 2002. Although this article specifically addresses issues being faced by ... Read More
  • Rodman Williams: The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today: Purpose, Part 2

    images  The second part of chapter four from Professor Williams’ book, The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today, about the greatest reality of our time. Chapter Four Continued: Purpose, Part 2 Let us now move on to note how the gift of the Holy Spirit enables the performance ... Read More
  • Mark Cartledge: Charismatic Glossolalia

    MCarteledge-CharismaticGlossolalia  Mark J. Cartledge, Charismatic Glossolalia: An Empirical-Theological Study (Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2002), 253 + xvi pages. Among the proliferation of books aimed at the study of glossolalia (i.e., speaking in tongues) that have been published in the last few decades, I found this ... Read More
  • William De Arteaga: Forgotten Power

    WDeArteaga-ForgottenPower  William L. De Arteaga, Forgotten Power: The Significance of the Lord’s Supper in Revival (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002), 287 pages. This is an important book for Pentecostal and charismatic readers. De Arteaga, a former Roman Catholic who became a Pentecostal over thirty years ago, has drawn ... Read More
  • H. B. London: Stemming the Tide of Clergy Fallout

    EJ200301  H. B. London Jr., “Stemming the Tide of Clergy Fallout: Lessons from a Marriage” Enrichment (Winter 2003), pages 42-51. Dr. London and the pastoral ministry team at Focus on the Family take an insightful look at the contemporary problem of ministers leaving the ministry. They take ... Read More
  • Leader of the Century

    Charles G. Finney (1792-1875), leader during the Second Great Awakening.
Wikimedia Commons.  I was a little boy during the great depression. I was born in 1931 six miles east of New York’s Times Square and shortly after that, my parents bought a modest home on a dead end street where it would be safe for me to ... Read More
  • Pentecostals and Subordinate Revelation

    Bible-Spanish-openCorner  Do Pentecostals believe in continuing revelation? Edgar Lee writes for a classical Pentecostal audience, explaining how understanding the place of revelation today is important for every Pentecostal/charismatic believer.   “You Pentecostals believe in continuing revelation, don’t you?” That question, posed years ago by an evangelical friend who ... Read More
  • Rightly Understanding God’s Word: Context, by Craig S. Keener

    SMyers(c)-OpenBible&ScrollPart of the Rightly Understanding God’s Word series by Craig S. Keener. As appearing in Pneuma Review Spring 2003.     Chapter 1: Context, Context, Context! One of the most important resources for understanding the Bible is in the Bible itself: context. Some readers want to skip to verses elsewhere ... Read More
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