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Healing ministry began after an Immersion in Love for Jesus: An Interview with Jack Sheffield What is the greatest miracle that you have ever seen?

Jack Sheffield: The greatest miracle I have seen was with a little boy who died of sudden infant death syndrome where his dad came home and found the baby-sitter asleep, and his boy in the bedroom completely blue and unresponsive. He rushed him to the hospital where the doctors examined him. One doc said he thought the child had been dead for 40 minutes at the least. They got him back physically, but he was totally unresponsive, staring blankly into space. Nobody was home. Scans were conclusive, he was in a vegetative state. I was called in as a priest to pray for the family. But when I walked in the hospital room I found the parents and both sets of grandparents had been praying all night long. I greeted them and walked up to the child. At the bedside, I suddenly began to weep uncontrollably! I just sobbed and sobbed over him. Finally, one of the grandparents tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could speak to me outside. We walked hand in hand into the hall with her patting my hand. She said, “I just want to thank you so much for coming to see us,” and then it happened: he started crying loudly! He wanted his mom and he wanted her now! We start dancing and shouting! The nurses came and called the doctor. Tests were run all afternoon, and by nightfall, they came in announcing that all brain scans and blood work were normal. They sent them all home. As a result, this whole family came to Christ.

Later in church, at the altar rail, this little one would look up, giggle, and point at what only he could see. We just knew they were angels who were with him in his brief stay in heaven before Jesus sent him back. I would call this a Resurrection Miracle by Jesus, and by far, it tops all we have ever seen. Where can people learn more about your ministry?

Jack Sheffield: People can learn more about our ministry at

Or they can write us at Deep River Ministries PO Box 12615 San Antonio, TX 78212

People can also call us at 210 320-5855 in San Antonio.


Thanks so much for letting me share with you.

God bless richly, Jack


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About the Author: The Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield is President and Co-Founder of Deep River Ministries, with his wife Anna Marie. Together they have been in healing ministry for over thirty years, and continue to travel throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Africa experiencing God’s glory in healing, miracles, signs and wonders. Jack and Anna Marie also co-founded Christ Healing Center in San Antonio, TX. CHC is a place of equipping, prayer sessions, ministry to children, and outreach to hospitals, YMCA, prisons and other unique market-place ministry venues. Facebook. Twitter: @jackseph

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