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Healing ministry began after an Immersion in Love for Jesus: An Interview with Jack Sheffield You write about the importance, on some occasions, of obeying before believing. What does this look like?

Jack Sheffield: I can best explain this concept by an illustration. A young child of six months was having between twenty-five and sixty seizures a day. He was heavily medicated, and when he and his parents came into our church meeting, he looked like a sack of potatoes. His eyes were glazed over and his body was limp. Our hearts were broken. You could feel a tangible anointing for compassion. After the service, I asked the parents to bring the child to my office. In a short distance of 100 feet, all of that anointing dissipated.

We sat in my office feeling nothing but overwhelmed at the drastic nature of Sante’s condition (his name means health). We were acutely aware of our helplessness. So I read James 5:14-18, “If anyone is sick, let him call for the elders of the church. They will anoint him with oil, and the prayer of faith will heal the sick man (child), and the Lord will raise him up.” I asked the dad, “May I obey the Bible?” He said, “If it is in the Bible, I want you to do it.” When I anointed Sante all of the weight of heaven’s glory fell on each one of us! All we could do was weep and laugh at the same time. We knew the child was healed! Faith came! Our helplessness was swallowed up in the power of pure unadulterated belief. After two days with a minor seizure, he has never had another seizure since.

In essence, when we doubted and feared that nothing would work in our prayers, we obeyed the Bible, and that preceded the faith we needed to move that mountain. His doctor, upon examining him, greatly rejoiced in the Lord’s goodness. The entire family was brought together under Jesus’ banner. What physical conditions have you seen healed through your ministry?

Jack Sheffield: We have seen every kind of malady and sickness healed by Jesus. Cancers have disappeared after bitterness and forgiveness was released in the patient. We’ve seen dementia “burned up” with holy fire where the man said, “The fog is gone.” His wife wept and thanked Jesus for giving her husband back to her. Recently, we saw sickle-cell anaemia burned up the same way. After worshiping for two hours, we prayed for her and fire coursed through her blood (her words). We have seen paranoid schizophrenia healed after nine months of inner healing prayer. This man’s psychiatrist marveled as he was able to take him off of five medications including the very strong Haldol. Severe food allergies have disappeared. Kidney stones have disappeared. A stroke victims’ face normalized right in front of our eyes. Power coursed down the left side of his body for several hours. He went home completely normal that same night. Over and over again we see depression healed and lightness and radiance fill the prayer recipient. Chronic pulmonary obstruction, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and so many others have been healed. I could go on and on about the multiple healings and miracles we have seen for over thirty years.

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About the Author: The Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield is President and Co-Founder of Deep River Ministries, with his wife Anna Marie. Together they have been in healing ministry for over thirty years, and continue to travel throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Africa experiencing God’s glory in healing, miracles, signs and wonders. Jack and Anna Marie also co-founded Christ Healing Center in San Antonio, TX. CHC is a place of equipping, prayer sessions, ministry to children, and outreach to hospitals, YMCA, prisons and other unique market-place ministry venues. Facebook. Twitter: @jackseph

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