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Winter 2019

  • Grieving the Holy Spirit

    stop-AntoineRault-394026-482x350 Relating to the Holy Spirit If we grieve the Holy Spirit He may become silent, imperceptible to us, and we will find ourselves seemingly abandoned to a frustrated and unspiritual state. It was in the apparent fear of this condition that David cried out, “Take not ... Read More

  • Providential Preservation of the Textus Receptus

    ProvidentialPreservationThe mother and son Bible translator team of Verna and James Linzey discuss how God has preserved his Word through the centuries and how this relates to the many ancient documents upon which the canon is based and the collections of these large and small ... Read More

  • Edward Irving’s Incarnational Christology, Part 3

    TMartindale-EdwardIrvingIncarnationalChristology-P3Edward Irving’s Incarnational Christology: A Theological Examination of Irving’s Notion of Christ’s Sinful Flesh as it relates to the Fullness of the Incarnation This is the third of a three-part series by Trevor Martindale. He gives us an in-depth look at how Edward Irving, one ... Read More

  • New Spanish Pentecostal Scholarly Journal: Hechos

    Hechos2019-1Pentecostal theologians Miguel Álvarez and Geir Lie are launching a new scholarly journal in Spanish. Table of Contents from the first issue: “Editorial”, 1. Miguel Álvarez, “Contextualización en la hermenéutica latina”, 3-16. Bernardo Campos, “Aspectos fundamentales en la teología pentecostal”, 17-29. Geir Lie, “T.B. Barratt y el origen de su ... Read More

  • Following in His Steps

    EMourey-FollowingInHisSteps Edie Mourey is an author, editor, historian, and granddaughter of Pentecostal pioneer Ivan Spencer. In this warm story about her adventure to learn more about her own heritage, she discovered anew how all of us that follow hard after Jesus become part of His legacy. ... Read More

  • Planting Churches in the Most Difficult Places: An interview with Dick Brogden

    DickBrogden-interview LIVE|DEAD is an interesting name for a ministry, please explain the meaning of the name. Dick Brogden: Live Dead was birthed out of a desire to see teams planting churches among every unreached people group (UPG) in East Africa. At the time, my wife and ... Read More

  • Missionary Tongues, T. B. Barratt, and the Soon Coming King

    Thomas-Ball-Barratt-16yearAn expert in European Pentecostal history, Geir Lie, introduces readers to his in-depth look at Pentecostal pioneer T. B. Barratt and the early emphasis of Pentecostals that has often been forgotten.   The history of Thomas Ball Barratt (1862-1940) and his role in the origins of not ... Read More

  • Andrew Gabriel: Simply Spirit-Filled

    AGabriel-SimplySpiritFilledAndrew K. Gabriel, Simply Spirit-Filled: Experiencing God in the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit (Nashville, TN: Emanate Books, 2019), 179 pages, ISBN 9780785223610. Andrew Gabriel is an ordained minister; he holds credentials with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. He has a doctoral degree from McMaster ... Read More

  • Healing and Salvation in the Cross of Christ

    CHull-Salvation&HealingWhat are some of the practical implications of a theology of the cross and the Spirit in the realm of healing and ministry? This excerpt comes from the final chapter of Cletus Hull’s book, The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit ... Read More

  • J.D. King: Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church (Vol 2)

    JDKing-Regeneration2 J.D. King, Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church, Volume 2 (Christos Publishing, 2017), 488 pages, ISBN 9780999282618. J.D. King has a wide-range of roles-and experience-in the local and larger Body of Christ. He has been a key part of the well-known ... Read More

  • Christology and the Cross

    CHull-Christology&CrossThere is power in the cross of Christ. In this excerpt, pastor, theologian, and historian Cletus Hull introduces us to his new book, The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit in the Corinthian Church: Grounding Pneumatic Experiences and Renewal Studies in ... Read More

  • Two Common Myths about the Spirit-Filled Life

    AGabriel-2CommonMyths-cover Many Christians believe the myth that ‘Spirit-filled’ or even ‘spiritual’ must indicate something or someone a little strange. Depending on how much exposure people have had to the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement, they might associate the words ‘Spirit-filled’ with people who claim to be inspired by ... Read More

  • Passion for the Good News: an interview with David Joannes

    Interview-DJoannes Missionary David Joannes speaks with Pneuma Review about his book, The Mind of a Missionary, and about sharing the story of Jesus no matter the cost. You are involved in cross-cultural missions. Please tell our readers how long you have served overseas and where. David Joannes: ... Read More

  • Revival, Truth, and Persecution: An interview with Eugene Bach The Back to Jerusalem ministry that you work with recently released a new study resource called Chasing Revival: A Road Trip Bible Study, where did the idea for this resource come from? Eugene Bach: I travel more than 300 days a year for ministry and ... Read More

  • William De Arteaga: The Public Prayer Station

    WDeArteaga-ThePublicPrayerStationWilliam De Arteaga, The Public Prayer Station: Taking Healing Prayer to the Streets and Evangelizing the Nones (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2018), 73 pages, ISBN 9781609471415. Dr. William De Arteaga, a semi-retired Anglican priest, continues to be passionately tethered to the ministries of intercessory prayer and ... Read More

  • Charismatic Leaders Fellowship 2019

    CLF2019-coverThe Charismatic Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is the descendent of the Charismatic Concerns Committee (CCC). The CCC was an important group of charismatic and Pentecostal leaders formed in the 1970s to monitor, advise and correct the disparate currents and personalities of the Charismatic Renewal. For instance, ... Read More

  • Gordon Fee: Jesus the Lord according to Paul the Apostle, reviewed by Craig S. Keener

    GFee-JesusTheLordGordon D. Fee, Jesus the Lord according to Paul the Apostle: A Concise Introduction (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2018), 201 + xxii pages. Jesus the Lord according to Paul the Apostle will both educate and resonate well with its intended audience. One who has heard Gordon ... Read More

  • The Cross Divides the Saved and Lost by God’s Power

    Wisdom&theCross--titlecovercropIt is the power of God that uses all that the Cross of Christ represents to separate those that are being rescued from those that are lost. This excerpt from Cletus Hull’s book, The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit in ... Read More

  • Leaders Expect Criticism Because They Lead

    meeting-DylanGillis-533818-cropSome people feel they are clever or great. But criticism has the power to destroy them and cause them to crash. Criticism is a powerful tool in the hands of parents, corporate bosses, pastors, lovers, mean-spirited people, and congregational members. Probably “criticism” is the greatest power ... Read More

  • Bob Cutillo: Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age

    BCutillo-PursuingHealthBob Cutillo, Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2016), 196 pages, ISBN 9781433551109. Advances in healthcare have led to increase in worry over one’s own well-being, wasteful spending, and a lack of concern for the well-being of others in our community. Indeed, we ... Read More

  • Winter 2019: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Winter2019 Kate Shellnut, “Ahead of 2019, Bulgaria Rejects Severe Church Restrictions: The new year brings new regulations—but thankfully not the worship and seminary bans evangelicals initially feared” (December 26, 2018).   Marian L. Tupy, “Globalization and Poverty’s Unprecedented Decline: The last forty years have seen a ... Read More

  • A Thinking Man’s Guide to Remembering the Basics

    prayer-SamuelMartins-631378-583x389Regularly returning, remembering, and refreshing how we live out the basics is important for spiritual growth. This workbook by Don Allen was originally published as a guest article on the Pneuma Foundation website, the legacy site for the parent organization for   Remember the Basics “Keep ... Read More

  • The City of Darkness, an excerpt from The Mind of a Missionary

    KowloonWalledCity1989_Aerial--cropThe Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong is one of history’s great anomalies. It was, in fact, a world unto its own. Two governments claimed jurisdiction, but neither actively administered it; anarchy reigned while secret societies presided over the no-man’s land. High-rise apartments situated atop ... Read More

  • The Resurgence of the Gospel, Part Three: The Challenge of the Muslim Curtain

    WWalton-ChallengeMuslimCurtain The Resurgence of the Gospel and the Flowering of the Global Christian Message Part Three: The Challenge of the Muslim Curtain Introduction Through upheaval and suppression, being despised by civil governments and facing outright persecution, Christians survived on the other side of the Muslim Curtain. This is ... Read More

  • Wisdom and Power in the Cross of Christ

    CHull-TheWisdomOfTheCross&PowerOfTheSpiritInCorinthianChExcerpts from The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit in the Corinthian Church: Grounding Pneumatic Experiences and Renewal Studies in the Cross of Christ. Abstract: The cross of Christ crucified symbolized the central theme of Paul’s ministry. In his letter to the ... Read More

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