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Winter 1999

  • Coming Spring 1999

    spring-is-here-1439331-m Messianic Pictures in the Temple Sacrificial System by Kevin Williams will continue his Messianic Foundations Series.   The Praying in the Spirit Series by Robert W. Graves continues with Some Marvelous Effects of Praying in the Spirit.   The Kingdom and the Spirit by Gene L. Green takes ... Read More
  • David D. Daniels: They Had a Dream

    SPS2014-DDanielsDavid D. Daniels, “They Had a Dream: Racial harmony broke down, but the hope did not,” Christian History, Issue 58, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 19. David D. Daniels provides an insightful look at the uniquely interracial roots of early Pentecostals and some of the problems ... Read More
  • Gary Derickson: The Cessation of Healing Miracles in Paul’s Ministry

    bibsacGary W. Derickson, “The Cessation of Healing Miracles in Paul’s Ministry”, Bibliotheca Sacra, Issue 155 (July-September 1998), p. 299-315. This article by the Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Western Baptist College attempts to show that Paul’s ability to heal diminished towards the end of his ... Read More
  • John Bevere: Breaking Intimidation

    JBevere-BreakingIntimidation_2006coverJohn Bevere, Breaking Intimidation (Creation House, 1995), 205 pages, ISBN 9781591858812. Like their worldly counterparts, Christian bookstores today seem to be laden with self-help or, if you will, “spiritual” pop psychology books. Breaking Intimidation is no such book. Author John Bevere confronts head on a spiritual problem ... Read More
  • What the Body of Christ Needs Today

    RaulPortrait-Oct2002  Ever been distracted? Have you ever been working on something that you needed to finish and . . . out of no where, something else comes up and your attention is drawn away from what was necessary to something else. Certainly, for this our daily ... Read More
  • Tongues and Other Miraculous Gifts in the Second Through Nineteenth Centuries, Part 2: 3rd to the 5th Centuries

    cloventonguesoffire  Richard M. Riss presents evidence for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit throughout the Church Age.   Origen In any case, Origen, Clement’s successor as head of the catechetical school in Alexandria, makes explicit references to miraculous gifts in operation in his day, at the beginning ... Read More
  • The Place of the Holy Spirit in the Exegetical Process

    book012  I. Introduction In every generation there remains a perennial concern for all conscientious pastors, teachers and Christian workers. The question arises how can we, who have been entrusted with the ministry of expounding God’s word make it clear and relevant while at the same time maintaining ... Read More
  • Messianic Foundations

    levilamb-color_small  This being the first installment on Messianic Foundations, it seemed prudent to first ask the question, “Why?” Why study the Scriptures from a Messianic perspective, or more appropriately, from a Messianic Jewish perspective? A lengthy dissertation could ensue on the theological reasons and potential benefits to ... Read More
  • Praying in the Spirit: What They’re Saying Now: Some Non-Charismatics Reevaluate Tongues

    RGraves-PrayingInTheSpirit The first chapter of the Praying in the Spirit Series. Bow-tied waiters glide across the plush red carpet. Sharply dressed gentlemen and elegantly appareled ladies devour crispy bacon, spicy sausage, and fluffy scrambled eggs. The smiling couple beside you probably has a college degree or two. ... Read More
  • Pneuma Review Winter 1999

    Pneuma ReviewThe digital edition of The Pneuma Review, Winter 1999 (2:1), taken from the original print edition. Find these articles individually in an easy-to-read format on the archive page: Read More
  • William De Arteaga: Quenching the Spirit

    WDeArteaga-QuenchingSpiritWilliam De Arteaga, Quenching the Spirit: Discover the REAL Spirit behind the Charismatic Controversy (Orlando: Creation House, 1992, 1996), 358 pages, ISBN 9780884194323. William De Arteaga defines pharisaism as a religious attitude and heresy that so affirms the role of tradition that a new move of ... Read More
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