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The Power of the Cross and Healing in a Pastor’s Ministry

In conclusion, the cross continues as the centerpiece for power in healing. Nineteenth century minister R.A. Torrey called for a revival of healing in the church. He concisely identifies the problem in his inspirational classic The Power of Prayer,

Beyond a doubt, one of the great secrets of the unsatisfactoriness and superficiality and    unreality and temporary character of many of our modern, so-called revivals is that much dependence is put upon man’s machinery and so little upon God’s power.[11]


A renewal of the power of God and teaching on the cross can reestablish the sovereign work of healing today. As a pastor, I pray for a new measure of the Holy Spirit to empower God’s church. Then, as Torrey expresses, “according to God’s own will and purpose, His power shapes and fashions history.”[12] Most crucial to our concerns, the wisdom that Paul discovered in the cross (1 Cor. 1:18), and a humble acknowledgement of the work of the cross can transmit the power of God to heal in our generation.





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This article first appeared in Leaven: A Journal of Christian Ministry 23:3 (2016), published by Pepperdine University. Used with permission.

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About the Author: Cletus L. Hull, III, M.Div. (Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry), D.Min. (Fuller Theological Seminary), Ph.D. (Regent University), has served as a pastor with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for 30 years and psychiatric chaplain for 28 years. He also teaches courses in New Testament at Biblical Life Institute in Freeport, Pennsylvania. He has researched the growing Disciples of Christ churches in Puerto Rico and has an interest in the significance of the Stone-Campbell churches in American Christianity. His article, "My Church is a Mental Hospital" appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Healing Line. Twitter: @cletus_hull, Facebook,

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