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The Gift of Healing: How it Works in the Modern Age

While healing today might not always look as instantaneous as it did with Jesus, it doesn’t mean that it no longer exists. Take, for example, someone battling addiction. While Jesus might have been able to lay hands on a man fighting addiction and instantly cure that addiction, that is often not how the gift of healing works today (although in some cases, it certainly can!). Today, through Christian rehab, that man might meet a pastor or minister or layperson that offers prayers and support to help that man stay strong during rehab and heal from addiction. The prayers and healing will continue for months or years during the recovery process. Through those praying for him and via the Holy Spirit, the man receives physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from the chains of addiction.

The gift of healing today looks like perseverance rather than an instant gratification. This gift often requires you to continue to be faithful and persevere in prayer unceasingly. He has given us so much and thus requires much from us. He wants our full dependence and trust in Him, which often means praying with passion and a burning desire, with a faith that truly can “move mountains”. In a culture where this type of passion and faith in God is not accepted, pursued, or admired, one often has to be countercultural in word and deed to use his or her gift of healing.

In addition, today, the gift of healing takes an approach that wasn’t available in Jesus’ time. Today, God has blessed us with scientific and medical advances that, together with prayer and ministry, bring healing and hope. It is important not to discount the role of the medical profession in healing. God has given us these advances to help bring healing.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that the gift of healing lies solely in the hands of doctors. Quite the contrary! While medical science is helping with healing the most complex cancers and diseases, it is only an aid. Full healing comes through God and the Holy Spirit. Despite the best medical advances, the child with cancer still needs you to storm Heaven with prayers of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. These prayers and your gift of healing can work with the doctor and medical advances to bring healing to that suffering child.

Finally, it is important to remember that healing doesn’t always occur in the way we think it does. Our human brains cannot fully comprehend God’s plan or His ways. The Holy Spirit might be working through you to heal, but it might not be a physical healing. Rather, it might be a spiritual healing. This seems to be the case when we see people who remain ill or disabled after receiving the laying of hands. It’s not that one didn’t pray hard enough or that the disability was the result of sin. Rather, perhaps God’s healing is different from our definition of healing in that moment.

Remember, there is great power in the name of Jesus. Jesus said, “If you ask anything of me in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14). Continue to bring your needs to the feet of Jesus and show others the healing touch of God. He wants you to trust Him and He wants to heal!

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About the Author: Adam Durnham is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a BA in English and Minor in Psychology. He currently works as a freelance writer for the mental health and wellness sector. As a Christian, Adam has an extreme focus on God's Healing hand and His interaction with the world at large. He currently does missionary work with addicts in Detroit, Michigan.

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