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Spring 2019

  • The Baptism of Tears: The Two Baptisms of St. Symeon the New Theologian

    SimeonNewTheologian-brightcropOne of the distinctives of the contemporary Pentecostal movement has been the understanding that there are two distinct baptisms. Many outside of the movement do not realize that this is not original, though. Beyond the biblical support for this understanding, one can find different personalities ... Read More

  • Beware of Professional Christians

    suits-254184-576x384How does a local church flourish, by building the Kingdom of God or by offering a cafeteria of amenities to its surrounding community? Pastor Dan Reiland warns of appeasing cultural or consumer Christians, instead calling for bold and courageous leadership. At Crossroads, we pray what can ... Read More

  • Revival Falls on a Lonely Scottish Island

    800px-Berneray_youth_hostelOne of the great visitations of the Holy Spirit in the past hundred years occurred in the 1950s on the extreme northern coast of Scotland under the preaching of Duncan Campbell. Though its effect was confined to a small area in the Hebrides Islands, the ... Read More

  • Recovery from Modern Amnesia: Ancient Practices for a Faith-full Future

    CHM129Christian History Institute (CHI), publisher of Christian History magazine (CHM), announces its latest issue, titled: Recovery from Modern Amnesia – Ancient Practices for a Faith-full Future. The entire issue explores the story of Christian thinkers in the last half of the twentieth century whose questions about faith were found ... Read More

  • Gordon Smith: Institutional Intelligence

    GSmith-InstitutionalIntelligenceGordon T. Smith, Institutional Intelligence: How to Build an Effective Organization (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2017), 225 pages, ISBN 9780830844852. With a cover made to look like an organizational chart (indeed, the author believes in hierarchy), and the catchy, contemporary title, a potential reader might assume ... Read More

  • Praying the News: Notre Dame Fire

    450px-Notre_Dame_en_feuSome tragedies are permitted by God for a greater good, to bring into focus an evil or unsatisfactory situation. An example from the Bible is the destruction of Solomon’s Temple by Babylonian invaders. Perhaps the burning of Notre Dame is such an event. Notre Dame ... Read More

  • Leadership Crisis

    DReiland-LeadershipCrisis In a strange sort of way I hope you don’t need this article. But just in case, if you and your church are in a difficult season with a potential leadership crisis, I trust the thoughts in this article will be helpful to you. I ... Read More

  • Matthew Schmitz: Immigration Idealism: A Case for Christian Realism

    FirstThings201905Matthew Schmitz, “Immigration Idealism: A Case for Christian Realism” First Things (May 2019). As usual, the writing of Matthew Schmitz, senior editor of First Things, is clear and cogent—and courageous. He fearlessly tackles daunting topics such as, in this case, immigration. It is a genuine pleasure ... Read More

  • Hints for Understanding Difficult Bible Passages

    DBrown-HintsForUnderstanding Foursquare Pastor Daniel Brown offers useful tips for approaching God’s Word. All of us have encountered verses and statements in the Bible that confuse or alarm us because they seem to be saying something that sounds so unlike the Lord, so different than how we have ... Read More

  • The Baptism with the Holy Spirit, lectures by Verna Linzey

    Vlinzey300x300Bible teacher Verna Linzey introduces listeners to the reality of the Holy Spirit today. This teaching series on “The Baptism with the Holy Spirit” explores the biblical and theological foundations of the experience known as the baptism with the Holy Spirit or the reception of the ... Read More

  • Substance Abuse and Alcoholism: How the Church can Make A Difference

    STorres-SubstanceAbuse-cover How can your church help your surrounding community escape life-controlling addictions and the havoc they wreak? This guest article by Sharon Torres offers practical suggestions.   According to reports, 70% of young people engage in drinking by the age of 19. This report should be worrying given ... Read More

  • Ministry and Money: Why People Give

    Woman Dropping Change in Coin PursePastors, is it hard to talk about money with your church? In this article, Pastor Dan Reiland looks into the reasons behind why people give, wanting to fuel fellow church leaders to speak about finances well and with the right spiritual emphasis..   I find it interesting ... Read More

  • Timothy Keller: The Prodigal Prophet

    TKeller-ProdigalProphetTimothy Keller, The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God’s Mercy (New York, NY: Viking, 2018), 272 pages, ISBN 10: 0735222061, ISBN-13: 978-0735222069 Timothy Keller is well-known in Christian circles. He founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and for years served as its senior pastor. ... Read More

  • God is Using Dreams

    jesus-in-iranIn this excerpt from his book, Jesus in Iran, Eugene Bach shares how God is using dreams and visions to draw Muslims into a relationship with Jesus the Messiah.   I would like to state that I am not much into visions and dreams. In Christian circles, I ... Read More

  • Celebrate the Birth of the Church

    dove-FerdinandFeng-1365889 “After the Holy Spirit is come upon you…” Acts 1:8 June 9, 2019 is Pentecost Sunday. Celebrate the birth of the Church, when Jesus poured out his Spirit on all of his followers.   Here are some articles published recently by about what God is doing in the ... Read More

  • Spring 2019: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Spring2019 Craig S. Keener, “Jesus Followers in Step With the Spirit: A closer look at Paul’s letter to the Galatians” Influence (February 27, 2019). Craig Keener commented: “The New Perspective(s) and older perspectives come to different conclusions on various points, such as ‘faith in Christ’ vs. ‘faith ... Read More

  • The Persecution of Christians Worldwide

    globeMost Christians in America are unaware of the horrific persecution their brothers and sisters are experiencing in other countries. It is estimated that every year, 150,000 Christians are martyred for their faith. (Matthew 10:22). The top 10 countries on the list of persecutors are North ... Read More

  • To the Limit: A brief memoir by Chas Carrin

    Carrin_Charles315x453As Charles Carrin celebrates the many blessings of God during his 70 years of fruitful ministry, you will learn of his deep concern for young church leaders and his desire to encourage them.   In 2019, I complete 70 years of Ordained Ministry. It all began in ... Read More

  • Latin American Christianity: Colorful, complex and conflicted

    CHM130Historian William De Arteaga invites Pneuma Review readers to journey with him into Latin American Christianity as presented in Issue 130 of Christian History magazine.   Christian History 130, “Latin American Christianity: Colorful, complex and conflicted” Christian History magazine is a wonderful journal. I recommend a copy of ... Read More

  • Tongues: The Controversial Gift

    tongueoffire-PaulBulai-448776 A brief look at the controversial gift of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance, by Pastor John Lathrop. The twentieth century has witnessed the rapid growth of two remarkable religious movements, the Pentecostal Movement and the Charismatic Movement. The Pentecostal Movement, which appeared ... Read More

  • Manifestations and Gifts of the Spirit: An Interview with Andrew Gabriel

    Manifestations&Gifts-AGabriel Pneuma Review: Please tell our readers about your Pentecostal roots. Andrew Gabriel: I grew up worshipping in primarily Pentecostal churches, although we did, at times, attend some other denominational churches. After graduating from high school, I studied at a Pentecostal Bible college, and eventually I was ... Read More

  • United Prayer Rising: Jakarta 2019

    UPRising We are quick to lament the declining numbers of young adults who are active in our churches or even give the church and Christ a second thought. We describe them as apathetic, filling their lives with a busyness that doesn’t satisfy.  A truer assessment is ... Read More

  • Tish Harrison Warren: Liturgy of the Ordinary

    THW-LiturgyOfTheOrdinaryTish Harrison Warren, Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2016), 182 pages, ISBN 9780830846238. For Christian believers not engaged in ‘typical’ church ministries, it may be difficult to find anything sacred about the day-to-day activities that occupy our mind ... Read More

  • Tolkien: A Life of Love, Courage, and Fellowship

    p16488698_p_v11_abTolkien: A Life of Love, Courage, and Fellowship (Fox Searchlight Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2019). I was skeptical. I fully expected the film to about the inspiration behind The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and these were represented, but not the focus. If ... Read More

  • The Resurgence of the Gospel, Part Four: The Reconversion of Europe

    WWalton-Resurgence4 The Resurgence of the Gospel and the Flowering of the Global Christian Message Part Four: The Reconversion of Europe How did monasteries, hospitality, and persecution lead to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Part of The Gospel in History series.   The Re-conversion of Europe At this ... Read More

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