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Spring 2004

  • The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel’s Messiah, Part 13: Matthew 17:10-21, by Kevin M. Williams

    SecretCodesWhat does the coming of Elijah and the casting out of demons have to do with showing Jesus as Messiah? Journey through the Gospel to the Hebrews with Kevin Williams and find out. And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Why then do the scribes say that ... Read More
  • The Resurrection of Jesus, A Jewish Perspective

    ref_dp_image_0[1]The Resurrection of Jesus, A Jewish Perspective. Pinchas Lapide. Wipf and Stock Publishers (Eugene, OR: 2002). I first encountered Rabbi Lapide in the mid-1980s in a televised debate with noted Christian theologian Walter Kaiser, Jr. I was dumbfounded to hear this Orthodox rabbi state that Jesus ... Read More
  • Amos Yong: Beyond the Impasse

    AYong-BeyondTheImpasse  Amos Yong, Beyond the Impasse: Toward a Pneumatological Theology of Religions (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2003), 192 pages, ISBN 9780801026126. The goal of this thorough and erudite book by Amos Yong is explicit in the title, Beyond the Impasse, the impasse in question being the Christological ... Read More
  • Coming in the Summer 2004 (7:3) Issue

    summer_wild-rose-1445825-m  Messianic teacher Kevin M. Williams continues his Messianic Foundations Series with the fourteenth chapter in a mini-series on the Gospel of Matthew. Kevin will be looking at the Hebraisms and Jewish background often missed to reveal beautiful prophetic pictures fulfilled at the coming of Messiah. ... Read More
  • Spring 2004: Other Significant Articles

    tulips-1443901-m    “The New Old-Time Religion.” Jay Tolson. U.S.News & World Report (Dec. 8, 2003), pages 36-38, 41-44. This special report offers a brief history of Evangelicalism and says that the “New Evangelicals” (as the cover calls them) defy easy labels and are growing in number. ... Read More
  • Brian McLaren: A New Kind of Christian

    BMcLaren-NewKindChristian  Brian D. McLaren, A New Kind of Christian: A tale of two friends on a spiritual journey (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2001), 173 pages, ISBN 9780787955991. Brian D. McLaren, The Story We Find Ourselves In: Further Adventures of A New Kind of Christian (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003), ... Read More
  • Graham Cooke: Developing Your Prophetic Gifting

    GCooke-DevelopingYourPropheticGifting  Graham Cooke, Developing Your Prophetic Gifting (Chosen Books, 2003), 284 pages, ISBN 9780800793265. I operate well in the gift of prophecy and interpreting tongues. I thus enjoy reading the thoughts of others who, too, share this realm. My first experience with prophecy was back in the ... Read More
  • Robert Bowman: The Word-Faith Controversy

    RBowman-TheWord-FaithControversy  Robert M. Bowman, Jr., The Word-Faith Controversy: Understanding the Health and Wealth Gospel (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001), 254 pages, ISBN 9780801063442. When I came across Bowman’s book The Word-Faith Controversy, I was very interested in his approach and conclusions because I had earlier done my Th.D. ... Read More
  • Jack Hayford: Practicing What We Preach

    from  Jack W. Hayford, “Practicing What We Preach” Ministries Today (Nov/Dec 2003), pages 22–27. Jack Hayford sees the church in a moral crisis. “Favoritism, greed, shoddy morals and shady ethics have found a comfortable home in the church. At the same time, both inside and outside the ... Read More
  • Prophecy in the Church Today: an interview with Michael Sullivant

    Michael Sullivant  Pneuma Review: What is the biblical role of the prophet today? Allow me to begin by stating that I define “prophetic” in a simple and broad way. It has generally to do with direct divine communication by the Holy Spirit to and/or through human beings. “Prophetic” ... Read More
  • Rightly Understanding God’s Word: Whole-Book Context, Part 2, by Craig S. Keener

    SMyers(c)-OpenBible&ScrollPart of the Rightly Understanding God’s Word series by Craig S. Keener. As appearing in Pneuma Review Spring 2004.   Continued from Part 1 in the Winter 2004 issue    8. The Spirit-baptized life in Mk 1:8-13 The Gospel of Mark explicitly mentions God’s Spirit only six times, but half of ... Read More
  • Rodman Williams: The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today: Effects, Part 1

    imagesThe first part of chapter eight from Professor Williams’ book, The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today, about the greatest reality of our time. Chapter Eight: Effects, Part 1 We come finally to a consideration of the effects or results of the gift of the Holy ... Read More
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