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Spring 2001

  • The Secret Codes in Matthew: Examining Israel’s Messiah, Part 1, by Kevin M. Williams

    SecretCodes   Forward:  As a preparatory note, at times I will mention an “Israeli believer.” The distinction is, these are Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus who are also citizens of national Israel. The political situation in the Holy Land is one that, being recognized as a believer ... Read More
  • Lauren Winner: Flowing into The Mainstream

    LaurenWinner  Lauren Winner, “Flowing into The Mainstream” Publisher’s Weekly (Sept. 11, 2000), pages 39-40, 42. Hungry? More than ever, people are turning pages to learn passion for God. All this is possible now that Christian publishers and booksellers no longer think charismatics are “fringe.” In fact, books ... Read More
  • Spring 2001: Other Significant Articles

    CT20001002  The October 2, 2000 issue of Christianity Today takes an extensive look at racism among evangelicals. They begin with an excerpt from the new book, Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America (Oxford University Press, 2000) by Michael O. Emerson ... Read More
  • Richard Twiss: One Church Many Tribes

    012  Richard Twiss, One Church Many Tribes (Regal Books, 2000), 216 pages. What can the church of the 21st Century learn from the mistakes of the past? Richard Twiss could be a budding new personality in the Christian world. I recently noticed his name on a column ... Read More
  • Matthias Wenk: Community-Forming Power, reviewed by Amos Yong

    MWenk-Community  Matthias Wenk, Community-Forming Power: The Socio-Ethical Role of the Spirit in Luke-Acts, Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplemental Series 19 (Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 2000), 368 pages, ISBN 9780567043504. Those who have been keeping abreast of the developments in biblical scholarship by Pentecostal scholars are in ... Read More
  • The Kingdom of God As Scripture’s Central Theme: A New Approach to Biblical Theology, Part 2

    clouds01  Editors Introduction: This is part 2 of David Burns’ proposal that the Kingdom of God is the central unifying theme of Scripture. First published in two parts in the print version of Pneuma Review in 2001, we invite all readers to continue the conversation ... Read More
  • Praying in the Spirit: Singing in the Spirit

    RGraves-PrayingInTheSpirit The ninth chapter of the Praying in the Spirit Series. Author Robert Graves looks at the Scriptural use of the prayer language in song.   Not long ago I had in my office on separate events two ministers from different churches. One was a minister of music, ... Read More
  • Why blow the shofar if nothing is changing?

    220px-Martin_Buber_portraitA reader writes to Kevin Williams about his article, “The Call of the Shofar” that appeared in the Winter 2001 issue of the Pneuma Review and was later excerpted in the email newsletter. I rarely have time to peruse the material in your electronic newsletter but ... Read More
  • Pastor’s Paraklesis: A Time of Confusion

    PastorsParaklesis-theme  Now the whole earth had one language and one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there. Then they said to one another, “Come let us make bricks ... Read More
  • The Duration of Prophecy: How Long Will Prophecy Be Used in the Church? (Part 1) by Wayne A. Grudem

    WGrudem-TheGiftOfProphecyNTTodayPart 1 of Professor Grudem’s exegetical study of 1 Corinthians 13. The Duration of Prophecy: How Long Will Prophecy Be Used in the Church? Introduction Many people reading this study have never seen the gift of prophecy functioning in their local church. In fact, outside of the ... Read More
  • Pentecostalism and Ecumenism: Past, Present, and Future (Part 2 of 5) by Amos Yong

    amosAmos Yong challenges classical Pentecostals to re-examine what ecumenism really is. II. Classical Pentecostal Objections to Ecumenism Given this biblically defined ecumenism , then, why is it that most Pentecostals remain staunchly anti-ecumenical? While many reasons have ... Read More
  • How to Birth Worship Leadership

    worship-EstherTuttle-647758-602x401 More than 3000 years have passed since King David paused from his dancing to make a sacrifice as he transported the Ark of God the place of God’s enthroned Presence from its place of isolation to its place of prominence in the nations’ capital. However, ... Read More
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