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Lecture series on Pentecostal Preaching

Editor’s note: With a Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching, a Doctorate of Theology in Pentecostal Preaching, and extensive experience training preachers in the Majority World, Aldwin Ragoonath is uniquely gifted to help today’s church leaders around the world. asked Dr. Ragoonath to tell us about the series of twenty-five lectures he had made available without cost in his YouTube playlist.

Aldwin Ragoonath and his class at a Bible college in Chennai, India in 2014.

Introduction. These lectures will give you an idea of what Pentecostal preaching is and the subjects I will cover. They are given by a trained Pentecostal homiletician from within the movement who draws homiletical ideas from Jesus, Acts, The Church Fathers and the founders of the Pentecostal movement with a mixture of contemporary homiletical theories.

Theology of Pentecostal preaching. The emphasis of this lecture focuses on the character of the preacher, the message he preaches, a theological understanding of preaching, the altar call, the anointing and fasting and prayer.

Historical analysis of Pentecostal preaching. This lecture looks at early sermons by the founding fathers of the Pentecostal movement, major themes and the changes that have taken place.

Hermeneutics of preaching. We give biblical and theological foundation of Pentecostal preaching, define the difference between hermeneutics proper and homiletical hermeneutics, the gifts of the spirit, preaching and how to get a word from God. Luke 4:16-20 gives us a biblical and hermeneutical basis to say that Pentecostal preaching is 50% sermon and 50% signs, wonders and miracles. Drawing the symbolic meaning of the text adds to the preaching text.

Types of sermons: Here is a list of sermons preached today: expository is general, topical is similar to expository, counselling is the type of sermons Dr. D. Cho preaches and need centered sermons seek to address the needs in the audience, such as stress etc. We provide a homiletical theory for each type of sermon.

Preaching, healing and deliverance service. Most Pentecostal services in the west shy away from praying for the sick because of the abuse by some evangelist. This lecture provides direction and a context to bring back the healing service into the context of the church.

Outlining sermons. This lecture gives simple and straight forward steps on how to outline sermons simply so the audience can understand what the preacher is saying.

Sermon Delivery. Many people think that Pentecostal preaching is a specific style of communication in sermon delivery. That is not true. This lecture draws from the biblical words on preaching that define preaching and from contemporary communication theory of great public speakers today.

Culture and preaching. Good preaching is only as good as one understands and communicates in a given culture. There are three types of cultures that is taken into consideration in preaching: biblical, western and non-western. I suggest biblical culture is the best approach to communicate Pentecostal preaching

Steps in building a sermon. We walk through simple steps in building a sermon. We start at receiving a word from God to the delivery of the sermon.

Summary. I summarize the lectures and emphasize the most import parts in building a sermon


Dr. Ragoonath and his ministry facilitate two-day seminars for pastors in groups as well as offering personal mentoring. Contact for more information.

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About the Author: Aldwin Ragoonath, Ph.D., is a trained homiletician with over twenty years of pastoral experience in the Caribbean and Canada. His ministry is devoted to helping pastors develop their preaching gift, teaching Pentecostal preaching courses and facilitating seminars around the world. He and his wife make their home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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