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Winter 2020

  • Gary Rogers: Unlocking The Power Of Fatherhood

    GRogers-UnlockingGary D. Rogers, Unlocking The Power Of Fatherhood (Charleston, SC: Palmetto Publishing Group, 2019), 142 pages. Unlocking The Power Of Fatherhood (Unlocking) starts with the courageous story of Billy Ray and his parents as they confronted the diagnosis of his polio infection. Their decision to raise ... Read More

  • The Global Christian Mission: The Maritime Global Expansion

    WWalton-MaritimeGlobalExp Christian historian Woodrow Walton takes another look at the causes and effects of global navigation by ships sailing from Europe and how the mission and message of Jesus was carried throughout the world.   The Maritime Global Expansion: End of the Fifteenth Century to the Present A ... Read More

  • Church Structure

    DBrown-ChruchStructure_a Pastor Daniel Brown says that when it comes to organizing a local congregation, “structure” should be a verb, not a noun. Sometimes the most obvious truths escape our attention until we find ourselves in a new setting. For instance, even though I had been taught the ... Read More

  • Cornelis van der Laan: Margaretha Adriana Alt

    CvanderLaan-MargarethaAdrianaAltCornelis van der Laan, Margaretha Adriana Alt: Mother of the Indonesian Pentecostal Mission (Cleveland, TN: CPT Press, 2019), 322 pages, ISBN 9781935931836. Cornelis van der Lann, holds a doctoral degree from the University of Birmingham and is currently Professor of Pentecostalism at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the ... Read More

  • New Hope for the Secret Church in Iran

    IranBroadcastAmid U.S.-Iran tensions, broadcaster SAT-7 gives Iranian Christians first opportunity to share with millions of viewers, many from extremist backgrounds   EASTON, Md. – On January 27, 2019, pioneering broadcaster SAT-7 announced a virtual, “real-time” television news-talk show – Signal – that is the first program of its kind encouraging ... Read More

  • Jessie Penn-Lewis: War on the Saints

    JPenn-Lewis-WarOnTheSaints2017A guest review of a classic book on revival, the power of God, and the decline of spirituality among the people of God. Linda Williams urges you to read a book she feels has been overlooked by the church for too long.   Jessie Penn-Lewis, War on ... Read More

  • Building up Men and Fathers: an interview with Gary Rogers

    GRogers-BuildingAuthor Gary Rogers speaks with Kirk Hunt about his book, Unlocking The Power Of Fatherhood, and the need for effective men’s ministry in churches.   Kirk Hunt for Who or what inspired you to write Unlocking The Power Of Fatherhood? Gary Rogers: It started at 4:30am on ... Read More

  • Cletus Hull: The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit in the Corinthian Church

    Wisdom&theCross--coverCletus L. Hull, III, The Wisdom of the Cross and the Power of the Spirit in the Corinthian Church: Grounding Pneumatic Experiences and Renewal Studies in the Cross of Christ (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2018), pages x + 183, ISBN 9781532639258. Cletus Hull provides an ... Read More

  • Chima Umejiaku: Pursuit of Spiritual Renewal

    CUmejiaku-PursuitOfSpiritualRenewalChima E. Umejiaku, Pursuit of Spiritual Renewal: A Call to Corporate and Individual Revival (Maitland, FL: Xulon Press Elite, 2017), 180 pages, ISBN 9781545608111. Dr. Chima Umejiaku is an ordained minister with the International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, which is a classical Pentecostal denomination. He currently serves ... Read More

  • Discovering the Reality of God in Word and Spirit: an interview with R. T. Kendall

    RTKendall-DiscoveringReality-cover Dr. R. T. Kendall has been preaching for over sixty years. He has also personally experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. For twenty-five years he served as the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London. He is the author of many books and now ministers ... Read More

  • Daily Seedings: Revealing Himself to Man

    ISpencer-DailySeedings-1Revealing Revealing Himself to Man “‘All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.’” — Matthew 11:27   Since ... Read More

  • What is Basic New Testament Doctrine?

    CCarrin-WhatIsBasicNTDoctrine Veteran Bible teacher Charles Carrin introduces the central doctrines of the Christian faith drawn from the New Testament.   The truth of Scripture can never be reduced to a few theological abstractions. Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are ... Read More

  • Leader’s Authority

    DReiland-LeaderAuthority Where does your authority come from? Your answer to that question makes a difference. Leaders deal in the realm of authority—it’s the currency with which we get things done. We prefer the word “influence.” It is a better term. It more accurately describes the innate function ... Read More

  • Daily Seedings: Editor’s Note

    EMourey-DailySeedings-EditorNote Just behind my living room sofa stands a table. On it is what I call decorative clutter—a dried floral bouquet, a ceramic jar, a candy dish, two small lamps, and two framed photos. The one sepia-colored photo is from the 1940s and pictures my grandfather, ... Read More

  • Daily Seedings: The Revelation of God’s Character

    ISpencer-DailySeedings-RevelationGodCharacter The Revelation of God’s Character “I have manifested Your name to the men whom You have given Me out of the world.” — John 17:6 In the ancient East, proper names had a special significance. The name of a person often presented some characteristic of that ... Read More

  • Resisting Disease in Prayer

    prayerinfocus-BenWhite-qYanN54gIrI-541x361Resisting Disease in Prayer The Rev. Dr. Bill De Arteaga has had over thirty years of healing ministry experience and has often dealt with viruses of various sorts, including influenza. Here is what he suggests to do when you suspect you or a loved one has ... Read More

  • In Times Like These: Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic

    DrAntipasSpeakingIn Times Like These: Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic Greetings with Jesus’ joy! With the arrival of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the world stage, more than 130 countries have been caught in a public health crisis of yet unknown devastation. Today, in the United States, along with other ... Read More

  • Daily Seedings: Man’s Vision

    ISpencer-DailySeedings-3MansVision Man’s Vision Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.” — Exodus 3:3 God revealed Himself to Abraham as God Almighty and said, “Walk before Me and be blameless” (Genesis 17:1). In the Hebrew, El-Shaddai means the ... Read More

  • Healthcare and Hospitals in the mission of the church

    CHM-HealthcareAndHospitalsAs a virus pandemic rages across the globe, Christian History magazine reveals how Christians founded “Healthcare and Hospitals – in the mission of the church,” Issue 101. Christian History Institute (CHI), publisher of Christian History magazine (CHM), offers its latest issue, #101, titled: “Healthcare and Hospitals – in ... Read More

  • Winter 2020: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificant-Winter2020 Michael Brown, “Wheat and Weeds: A Prediction About the Coming Split in the United Methodist Church” (January 5, 2020).   Roger E. Olson, “Pentecostal Theology: A Brief Description” Patheos (January 16, 2020).   Andrew K. Gabriel, “Pentecostal Women in Ministry, What they Want, and #MeToo” (January 16, ... Read More

  • Elijah Kim: The Rise of the Global South

    Kim.TheRiseOfTheGlobalSouth.79702Elijah J. F. Kim, The Rise of the Global South: The Decline of Western Christendom and the Rise of Majority World Christianity (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2012), 524 pages, ISBN 9781498263092. Dr. Elijah J. F. Kim is Founder and President of Grain of Wheat College and ... Read More

  • Led by The Spirit: Interned by the Japanese

    DJohnson-LedByTheSpirit-2 This excerpt from Led by the Spirit: The History of the American Assemblies of God Missionaries in the Philippines is the second chapter. Missionary-scholar Dave Johnson has brought together a chronicle of over 300 Pentecostal missionaries serving in the Philippines from 1926 through the first ... Read More

  • Donald Trump’s Presidency and False Prophecy

    Donald_Trump_official_portraitA guest editorial by Christian historian William De Arteaga. Readers are invited to respond by including respectful comments on the article page. This editorial was updated in January 2021 under the new title, “Why So Many Evangelicals and Pentecostals Were Beguiled by False Prophecies about Trump ... Read More

  • Charismatic Leaders Fellowship 2020

    CLF2020-Worship-coverThis year’s Charismatic Leaders Fellowship Consultation, formerly called the CLF Conference, was held in Augusta, Georgia, February 24-27. Yearly, this group of Charismatic leaders meets to discuss news and issues about the world-wide Pentecostal/charismatic movement. The group was originally founded in 1970 by Dennis Bennett, ... Read More

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