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Spring 2018

  • Michael Brown: Playing With Holy Fire

    MBrown-PlayingWithHolyFireMichael L. Brown, Playing With Holy Fire: A Wake-Up Call To the Pentecostal-Charismatic Church (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2018), 224 pages, ISBN 9781629994987. Dr. Michael Brown has Pentecostal roots that run deep. His early days as a Christian were spent in an Italian Pentecostal Church in ... Read More

  • Knud Jorgensen: Equipping for Service

    KJorgensen-EquippingForServiceKnud Jørgensen, Equipping for Service: Christian Leadership in Church and Society (Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2012; Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2013), 150+xiv pages, ISBN 9781908355065. The Reverend Dr. Jørgensen’s Equipping for Service is a substantially revised version of two of his earlier teaching modules: his ... Read More

  • A Short Review of the Society for Pentecostal Studies 2018 Conference

    RWadholm-SPS2018Rick Wadholm Jr. shares his highlights and reflections from the Society for Pentecostal Studies 2018 Annual Conference held at Pentecostal Theological Seminary, on the campus it shares with Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. The day before the meetings officially commenced for SPS in Cleveland, Tennessee, I ... Read More

  • Joan Paddock Maxwell: Soul Support

    ?????Joan Paddock Maxwell, Soul Support: Spiritual Encounters at Life’s End (Resource Publications, 2017), 230 pages, ISBN 9781532618741. Having served as a chaplain in two Pennsylvania State psychiatric hospitals for twenty-nine years, I was interested in reading the memoirs of hospital chaplain, Joan Paddock Maxwell’s, Soul Support: ... Read More

  • Good News of the Kingdom of God: An Interview with Paul Pomerville

    PPomerville-GoodNews--title2Author of The Third Force in Missions, Missionary-scholar Paul Pomerville speaks with about theologies and attitudes he believes have hindered the effectiveness of the church, particularly the church in the West. He urges Pentecostals to throw off the poisonous ideas of colonialism and the ... Read More

  • Chris DeWelt: What is God doing in the world?

    CDeWelt-WhatIsGodDoing Chris DeWelt, “What is God doing in the world?” Good News Productions, International. In this video you will get a glimpse of some of the things that God is doing in our world.  The Christian faith is experiencing significant growth in a number of places around ... Read More

  • Denzil Miller: How to Live for God

    DMiller-HowToLiveForGodDenzil R. Miller, How to Live for God: A Guide for New Christians (PneumaLife Publications, 2018), 40 pages, ISBN 9780997175059. The book How to Live for God was written by Dr. Denzil R. Miller. He has written several books on the work of the Holy Spirit ... Read More

  • Sexual Abuse, by Any Other Name?

    shadow-JesseBowser-540x360When it comes to addressing sexual abuse today, we crave data but avoid dialogue. But if we’re going to tackle the pandemic of abuse, particularly in communities of faith, we need clearer conversation not simply more. Society’s romance with intersectionality is a functional distraction to ... Read More

  • Presenting the Beautiful Gospel: Ten Theses about Contemporary Christian International Mission and Cross-Cultural Evangelization

    crowd-JoseMartin-560x373In former times, some missionary efforts were aligned with militaristic imperialism. Are the terrible expressions of colonialism being promoted by contemporary missionaries? Professor Celucien Joseph reminds us there is a better way.   For many years, I have been thinking about the interreligious conflict between Christianity and ... Read More

  • Kenneth Stewart: In Search of Ancient Roots

    KStewart-InSearchOfAncientRootsKenneth J. Stewart, In Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past And the Evangelical Identity Crisis (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2017). The author of In Search of Ancient Roots, Kenneth J. Stewart, professor of theological studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, maintains that ... Read More

  • Nine Significant Features of the Chinese House Church

    TheUndergroundChurchGod is doing something amazing in China. With the special permission of the publisher, presents Chapter 20 from the book by Eugene Bach and Brother Zhu, The Underground Church. “he house churches of China are growing at a phenomenal rate. Never in the history ... Read More

  • Jack Deere: Even in Our Darkness

    JDeere-EvenInOurDarknessJack Deere, Even in Our Darkness: A Story of Beauty in a Broken Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2018), 288 pages, ISBN 9780310538141. I am sure that many in the church world are familiar with Jack Deere. He was at one time a professor at Dallas Theological ... Read More

  • Keith Warrington: The Miracles in the Gospels

    KWarrington-MiraclesGospelsKeith Warrington, The Miracles in the Gospels: What Do They Teach Us about Jesus? (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2016), 274 pages, ISBN 9781619708327. This text by an accomplished Pentecostal scholar provides the reader with an accessible and up-to-date treatment of Jesus’ miracles that is sufficiently apprised of the ... Read More

  • Embrace the Spirit this Pentecost

    dove-facingright“After the Holy Spirit is come upon you…” Acts 1:8 May 20, 2018 is Pentecost Sunday. You’ve seen it before, an old house that goes through an extreme makeover—it is like a brand new home! The attraction is the compelling contrast between life before and life after. Consider, ... Read More

  • Marcus Moberg: Church, Market, and Media

    MMoberg-ChurchMarketMediaMarcus Moberg, Church, Market, and Media: A Discursive Approach to Institutional Religious Change (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017), 216 pages, ISBN 9781474280570. Perhaps the strongest attributes of Church, Market and Media is the manner in which it is structured. Many books pertaining to social media, even ones academically ... Read More

  • Memorial Day Ceremony 2018 at the Manila American Cemetery asked Jim Linzey to send reports of his ministry trip to the Philippines. Here is his account of the Memorial Day Ceremony he participated in. On May 27, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the Manila American ... Read More

  • Study the Missionary Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    MTurner-EncounteringGodsMissionarySpiritMark Turney, Encountering God’s Missionary Spirit: A Missional Study of the Holy Spirit (Springfield, Missouri: AIA Publications, 2018). Mark Turney’s new book, Encountering God’s Missionary Spirit, is now available for free download in PDF e-book format from the Decade of Pentecost website. Mark is Associate Director of the ... Read More

  • Religious Freedom Victory: US Supreme Court rules in favor of Colorado cake artist’s freedom

    MarcieDouglass-204244-716x717cropFrom the press release by Alliance Defending Freedom: “Two men filed a complaint with the state of Colorado after they asked cake artist Jack Phillips to design a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex ceremony. In an exchange lasting about 30 seconds, Phillips politely declined, ... Read More

  • Global Renewal Christianity: Latin America

    GlobalRenewalChristianity-V2-LatinAmericaVinson Synan, Amos Yong, and Miguel Álvarez, eds., Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements—Past, Present, and Future, Volume 2: Latin America (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2016), 544 pages, ISBN 9781629987675. Global Renewal Christianity: Latin America, provides a broad lens that not only captures the breath and ... Read More

  • Clearing the Smoke, Fanning the Flames: An Interview with Michael Brown

    MBrown-InterviewPneuma Review speaks with Dr. Michael L. Brown about his story, Playing With Holy Fire, and encouraging the biblical use of spiritual gifts. Briefly describe your own personal history in the Pentecostal/Charismatic church. Michael Brown: The Lord saved me in an Italian Pentecostal church in Queens, ... Read More

  • Evangelicalism is in Such a Sad State that we have to Add Caveats to Talk about Miracles

    danger-JoeyBanks-380271-512x342 Evangelicals cannot make up their mind about miracles. They typically affirm the “supernatural in theory but deny it in practice.” Billy Graham, Evangelicalism’s chief architect, declared, “As we ... Read More

  • Reflections on a Term at the Gregorian University

    CMRobeck-ReflectionsA Pentecostal in Rome: Fuller Seminary Professor Mel Robeck shares his story about teaching a course at the Gregorian University in early 2018. Over the past thirty-one years, I have flown 127 round trips between Los Angeles and Europe. Eighteen of those trips have been to ... Read More

  • Jeff Oliver: Pentecost To The Present: Worldwide Revivals and Renewal

    JOliver-PentecostToPresent3Jeff Oliver, Pentecost To The Present: The Holy Spirit’s Enduring Work in the Church, Book Three: Worldwide Revivals and Renewal (Newberry, FL: Bridge-Logos, 2017), 320 pages, ISBN 9780912106366. Jeff Oliver has taken on the ambitious task of chronicling the charismatic work of the Holy Spirit throughout church ... Read More

  • When it is Dangerous to Believe in Jesus has received this introduction for a testimony about how God is working and drawing people to himself in places we might not expect. The commentator asked not to be identified as the author because of their own ministry in Muslim majority areas around the ... Read More

  • Pentecostal Theology, Missions and History from Asian Perspective

    APTS-Press-logoI am pleased to announce that APTS Press has launched a brand new website, On this website you will find: All of the new books that we have published over the last five years—all available at good prices. Over 200 articles on Pentecostal Theology, Missions and History, ... Read More

  • Larry Christenson, How to Speak in Tongues

    LChristenson-SpeakingInTonguesWhat did God have in mind for you when he gave the gift of tongues to the church? What can you do to prepare yourself to receive this blessing? An excerpt from Larry Christenson’s classic work, Answering Your Questions About Speaking in Tongues.   What happens ... Read More

  • Spring 2018: Other Significant Articles

    OtherSignificantArticles-Spring2018 Alexander Chow, “The Remarkable Story of China’s ‘Bible Women’: The history of Christianity in the world’s largest country can’t be told without acknowledging the female evangelists and pastors who built its church” Christianity Today (March 2018).   Christian History: Roger E. Olson, “An Almost Forgotten 20th Century ... Read More

  • Why We Belong: Evangelical Unity and Denominational Diversity

    WhyWeBelongAnthony L. Chute, Christopher W. Morgan, and Robert A. Peterson, eds., Why We Belong: Evangelical Unity and Denominational Diversity (Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2013), 251 pages, ISBN 9781433514838. Can Evangelicals unite amid its constituencies’ diverse denominational affiliation? Nine North American religious scholars from the Anglican, Baptist, ... Read More

  • Real Christianity is Growing in the USA

    WDeArteaga-RealChristianity Is Christianity dying in America? In this review essay by historian William De Arteaga, he points out that the statistics about the church shrinking are not what most have made of it. Glen T. Stanton, “New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing ... Read More

  • Holy Spirit Invasion: An Interview With Dean Merrill speaks with Dean Merrill, the author or co-author of almost 50 books, about his latest book that investigates amazing and true stories of the work of the Holy Spirit today. Please tell our readers about any ways in which the Pentecostal or Charismatic movements ... Read More

  • Dean Merrill: Miracle Invasion

    DMerrill-MiracleInvasion-coverDean Merrill, Miracle Invasion: Amazing true stories of the Holy Spirit’s gifts at work today (Savage, MN: Broadstreet Publishing Group, 2018), 208 pages, ISBN 9781424556083. Dean Merrill is a veteran writer. He has written books of his own, has collaborated with others to help them tell their ... Read More

  • Dean Merrill, A Higher Code

    DMerrill-MiracleInvasion-banner-491x238Read an excerpt from Dean Merrill’s, Miracle Invasion: Amazing true stories of the Holy Spirit’s gifts at work today. David Killingsworth may have been the honored guest speaker that Sunday night at a multicultural church in Phoenix, but this didn’t stop a humble Navajo lady from ... Read More

  • The Problem of Old Wineskins

    JOliver-TheProblemOfOldWineskins2Jeff Oliver, author of the three-volume Pentecost to the Present: The Holy Spirit’s Enduring Work in the Church, brings a challenge to church leaders: desire and operate in the gifts of the Spirit. The greatest problem facing the church today may not be a new one, ... Read More

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