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What Bible Did Jesus Use?

The Revised Version - A revision of the New Testament of the Authorized Version (KJV), this work began in 1870. It was completed in 1881 under the direction of C. J. Ellicott and Henry Alford, Bishop Lightfoot and Bishop Trench.

American Revised Version - Produced in 1898 by an American Committee, it has often been referred to as the American Revised Bible.

The American Standard Version - A translation of the entire Holy Bible translated out of the original tongues in 1901. This Bible was developed in England by some of the same translators who had produced the Revised Version.

The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text - This is a Jewish Version of the Old Testament produced in 1917 by the Jewish Publication Society.

The Holy Bible: A New Translation - The work of James Moffatt, this Bible was published in 1913. Moffatt endeavored to present the Bible in effective, understandable English.

The Revised Standard Version - The New Testament portion was produced in 1946, although the entire version was not completed until 1952. James Moffatt, Edgar Goodspeed, and J.M. Powis Smith were the producers. The second edition appeared in 1971.

The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts - The New Testament from the Aramaic of the Peshitta first appeared in 1936. A translation by George Lamsa, an Assyrian, the entire Bible was published in 1957. This version sheds light on some obscure passages and helps the reader to Testaments. The Geneva Bible became very popular, and greatly influenced the Authorized Version of 1611 (King James Version). It was the official Bible of the Reformers and also was popular with the early settlers who came from Europe to America.

The Bishops Bible - Released in 1568, it was the first Bible to be produced by a committee. Later, the “Authorized Version” or King James Version of the Bible appeared in 1611. The King James Bible was a revision of understand with clarity the accurate intent of Scripture.

The New Testament in Modern English - Produced in 1958 by J.B. Phillips, an Anglican Priest. Though the work is a paraphrase, it is, nonetheless, a masterful work that has been hailed as one of the best paraphrases ever produced.

The Berkeley Version in Modern English - Translated by Gerrit Verkuyl, it was released in 1959 as the Berkeley Version of the New Testament and was so named because the translator lived in Berkeley, California.

The Amplified Bible - The New Testament portion was released in 1958, although the entire Bible was not released until 1965. The Amplified Bible is the work of twelve editors for the Lockman Foundation. The translation is based on the Westcott and Hort Greek text.

New English Bible - The New Testament portion was released in 1961, and the entire Bible in 1970.

The Living Bible - Translated solely by one man, Kenneth Taylor. Began as a project to help Dr. Taylor produce a Bible that his children could understand, this paraphrase is based on the American Standard Version of 1901.

The New American Standard Bible - First published as a New Testament in 1971, it is another translation by the Lockman Foundation of California. Fifty-eight anonymous translators produced this work as an ecumenical committee from different denominations.

Good News Bible - Released in 1976, this popular version was originally produced in 1966 as Good News for Modern Man.

New International Version - First released as a New Testament in 1973, the original name for this version was A Contemporary Translation. Over 100 international scholars from different denominations worked directly with the best available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts to produce this version which is currently the #1 best selling translation worldwide.

New King James Version - First produced in 1979 with only the New Testament, the entire Bible was completed in 1982. It is a revision of the Authorized Version of the Holy Scripture, and claims to be the fifth major revision of the King James Version, the last one being the 1769 Oxford revision of Benjamin Blayney. A special feature of this Bible is how closely it follows the thought of the 1611 King James Version. This NKJV changes the Elizabethan English words into modern-day English words.

New Century Version - This edition appeared in 1987 as a complete Bible, while the New Testament portion first appeared in 1984. Some of the same translators who had worked on the New King James Version also worked on this one.

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About the Author: Henry A. Harbuck, Ph.D., Th.D., is General Overseer and President of AEGA Ministries International. He is an author, pastor, conference speaker, educator, and certified naturopathic physician. Seeing the need for truth and accountability in Christian leadership, he co-founded the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies in 1988 as a fellowship that would provide spiritual and legal covering for independent ministers, ministries and churches. The AEGA now has members in 50 countries and networks in over 65 nations around the world. Dr. Harbuck completed a study aide in 2023 entitledThe New Millennia In-Depth Bible.

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