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An Unlikely Historian of Revival: Interview with Eugene Bach

Eugene’s office What has been the most challenging part of writing these books?

Eugene Bach: The most challenging part about writing these books has been writing these books. I have written all of my books on location. I write about Iran in Iran. I write about North Korea in North Korea.

For the sake of security, I often clean my computer and erase files from my hard drive so that they will not be discovered by the police. This has led to many occasions where I have accidentally erased entire files of finished chapters on my computer thinking that I have had a backup when I did not. You would think that I would learn my lesson and grow wiser. I have not. They say that wisdom comes with age, but in my case age came alone.

I have lost more than I have published. What has been the most rewarding part of writing them?

Eugene Bach: Seeing readers from around the world exposed to the lives and testimonies of the amazing heroes that I get the privilege to witness on a daily basis. In addition to prayer what are some of the greatest needs of the Christians in these lands of persecution?

Eugene Bach: Bibles. What lessons can believers in the West learn from their brothers and sisters in the Persecuted Church?

Eugene Bach: “Though you slay me, yet will I hope in Him.” – Job 13:15

Do we in the West have the kind of faith that loves so deeply that it goes against self-preservation? What writing projects are you currently working on?

Eugene Bach: I am currently working on two books and a series of children’s books for 2018.

The children’s books are a follow up on our first release called Tales from Fufu’s Fores: The Courage to Obey. These are a collection of true stories of modern day missionary heroes that provide amazing role models for our children. Each book in the series tells a gripping story from the front lines of missions about God’s power and saving grace in places like China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Pakistan, and many more.

Chasing Revival is a road trip Bible study that is accompanied with a 9-part video. It is a journey around the world following the history of revival – from the moment the Great Commission was uttered on the Mount of Olives to present-day China.

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About the Author: Eugene Bach is a pseudonym for a member of the Chinese underground church who does not wish to be identified. He was trained in U.S. military special operations and served two tours in the Persian Gulf and Asia–Pacific region, serving primarily as a member of a rapid response team focusing on targeted threat elimination, counterterrorism, and security. He has been working with the underground church in China for about twenty years, helping them to establish forward mission bases in closed countries around the world, including Iraq and Syria. Eugene leads the Chinese mission movement called Back to Jerusalem, which provides essential support for Chinese missionaries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He is the author or co-author of I Stand with Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian (2015), The Underground Church (2014), Leaving Buddha: A Tibetan Monk's Encounter With the Living God (2019), Jesus In Iran (2015), and other books about the underground church in places like China, North Korea, and Iran.

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