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An Unlikely Historian of Revival: Interview with Eugene Bach

The demand for Bibles in North Korea exceeds our ability. The demand for teachers and pastor support in North Korea currently exceeds our ability.

I cannot put a numerical value to accurately describe the church inside of North Korea, but I can say that the church is growing. All of the North Korean Christians that I work with and serve today are new believers. They were born after the founding of the Communism in North Korea and came to Christ against overwhelming opposition.

North Korea is sandwiched between a nation with the world’s largest revival (China) and a nation with the world’s largest church (South Korea).

I am convinced that the enemy’s time in North Korea is soon coming to an end.

I am convinced that the enemy’s time in North Korea is soon coming to an end.

Crimson Crucible (second edition) is the only book that I know of that describes in detail the underground house church in North Korea. It is available on our website: Tell us a bit about what is happening with Christianity in Iran.

Eugene Bach: Iran is currently experiencing what we call ABI – Anything But Islam! The people are sick of Islam. They know that it is a lie and want to be free from its stronghold. They are desperately searching for truth.

Today Iran is thought of as an anti-Israel anti-Christian Islamic nation, but this is a lie that has ripped the people from their real heritage.

Iran is a land that God has been working in since the beginning. King Cyrus was called and used by God to bless the Jewish people. King Darius, his son, was also called and used to bless God’s people.

The largest revival of any Muslim nation on earth is taking place in Iran.

The entire book of Esther takes place from beginning to end in Iran. Esther became the queen of Iran.

The first Christian missionaries to China were from Iran. Iran was one of the most successful missionary sending nations on earth during the days of the early church.

Iranians can’t be blamed for being Muslim any more than slaves can be blamed for being born into slavery. They did not choose Islam. They were conquered by the sword and forced into the slavery of Islam.

Today, God is moving in powerful ways in dreams and super natural miracles in Iran.

In the last two years, we have delivered over 200,000 Bibles in Iran. That is only a drop in the bucket of what is needed. That should give an idea of the size of the current church in Iran.

I have written in detail about the church in Iran in our book Jesus in Iranavailable through our website.

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Category: Church History, Winter 2018

About the Author: Eugene Bach is a pseudonym for a member of the Chinese underground church who does not wish to be identified. He was trained in U.S. military special operations and served two tours in the Persian Gulf and Asia–Pacific region, serving primarily as a member of a rapid response team focusing on targeted threat elimination, counterterrorism, and security. He has been working with the underground church in China for about twenty years, helping them to establish forward mission bases in closed countries around the world, including Iraq and Syria. Eugene leads the Chinese mission movement called Back to Jerusalem, which provides essential support for Chinese missionaries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He is the author or co-author of I Stand with Christ: The Courageous Life of a Chinese Christian (2015), The Underground Church (2014), Leaving Buddha: A Tibetan Monk's Encounter With the Living God (2019), Jesus In Iran (2015), and other books about the underground church in places like China, North Korea, and Iran.

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