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Winter 2018: Other Significant Articles

Ernest Cleo Grant II, “Looking for Ancient African Religion? Try Christianity: The African religious imagination already anticipates ChristChristianity Today (January 18, 2018).


Micah Mattix, “Milton’s Morality: Fallen man and the fallen stature of Paradise LostThe Weekly Standard (January 21, 2018).

William De Arteaga writes, “Another important legacy of Western civilization disdained by modern secularism.”


Roger Olson, “A Few Words about ‘Slain in the Spirit’ as a Spiritual Experience” Patheos (January 26, 2018).

“Don’t blaspheme the sacrament you don’t understand. That doesn’t mean criticism is always inappropriate. But remind yourself that whatever form of life you live in—secular or religious or whatever—probably has some practices and experiences that outsiders would consider very abnormal and even extremely weird.”


Craig S. Keener, “Why I Almost Left Evangelicalism: I almost distanced myself from the label years ago, but I’m glad I stayed” Christianity Today Online (January 24, 2018).

When the article published online, Keener wrote on Facebook, “I understand why some friends have become uncomfortable being associated with ‘evangelicals,’ given the way some have used the title. Here is why I am still comfortable with it, though why I also understand their feelings very well.”


Glenn T. Stanton, “New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing StrongerThe Federalist (January 22, 2018).

The subtitle of this article reads, “Is churchgoing and religious adherence really in ‘widespread decline’ so much so that conservative believers should suffer ‘growing anxiety’? Absolutely not.” Thanks to Brigada for recommending this article. | Stanton references this paper: “The Persistent and Exceptional Intensity of American Religion: A Response to Recent Research” by Landon Schnabel and Sean Bock. Abstract: “Recent research argues that the United States is secularizing, that this religious change is consistent with the secularization thesis, and that American religion is not exceptional. But we show that rather than religion fading into irrelevance as the secularization thesis would suggest, intense religion—strong affiliation, very frequent practice, literalism, and evangelicalism—is persistent and, in fact, only moderate religion is on the decline in the United States. We also show that in comparable countries, intense religion is on the decline or already at very low levels. Therefore, the intensity of American religion is actually becoming more exceptional over time. We conclude that intense religion in the United States is persistent and exceptional in ways that do not fit the secularization thesis.”

Eddie L. Hyatt, “Black History, Racial Healing and the Great Awakening” (February 2, 2018).


Festus Iyorah, “Why are young Nigerians abandoning the Church for Pentecostalism?” Catholic Herald (February 2, 2018).

The subtitle reads, “Young Catholics are being drawn away from the Church. Can anything stop the exodus?” Thanks to William De Arteaga for mentioning this article.


Craig S. Keener, “Weighing T.J. Weeden’s Critique of Kenneth Bailey’s Approach to Oral  Traditions in the GospelsJournal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 13 (2017), pages 41-78.

Craig Keener comments: “Kenneth Bailey contended for a model of oral tradition behind the Gospels based on Middle Eastern practices of passing on tradition. James D. G. Dunn, N. T. Wright and others developed his basic model. Theodore Weeden, however, severely critiqued the model, noting some significant problems in Bailey’s data. Some scholars, such as Eric Eve at Oxford, have taken a nuanced view, acknowledging some of Bailey’s weaknesses but showing from other scholarly work that Bailey’s proposal resembles what studies of oral history also suggest. | In this new article in Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, I respond to Weeden’s critique of Bailey. Although some of his observations are correct, Bailey’s model still has a great deal to offer, and Eve (and Dunn, Wright and others) have been right to point this out. (I should note: although most of my posts on this site are at a more popular level, this one is more academic.)” The article will be available online for a limited time.


Craig S. Keener, “Strategies and Reasons for Writing” The Logos Academic Blog (January 25, 2018).


Gary Tyra, “Karl Barth and the Phenomenon of Prophetic Preaching: There is a need for Spirit-empowered sermons that are transformational in their effectPreaching Today (Feb 2018).


John P. Lathrop, “Prophecy: A Gift With Multiple Uses” Berita Mujizat (February 21, 2018).


Remembering Billy Graham, Christianity Today (Special Edition, February 21, 2018).


Michael Brown, “Billy Graham’s Dangerous Advice” The Stream (March 4, 2018).

“Do we dare heed this word of counsel today? Do we have the courage and confidence to take up Billy Graham’s dangerous advice?”


Scott Lencke, “Story-Shaped Worship & Liturgy” Internet Monk (March 6, 2018).


James F. Linzey, “Well Done, Billy Graham” Assist News Service (March 7, 2018).

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