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Serving the Reigning Christ: an interview with Esther V. Shekher On your ministry website,, you share your testimony that you come from a Hindu background. As a Hindu, what arrested your attention about the God of the Bible so that turned your life over to him?

Shekher: Saved by Grace…I was born and raised up as a Hindu. When I was 18, my mother became very ill and the doctors could not diagnose her illness. Our Hindu religion also failed us and then, when some Christian believers prayed for my mother, she was completely healed by the power in the name of Jesus Christ. From then on, my father himself took us to attend Christian prayer meetings.

After hearing much about the love and the sacrifice of Christ, I finally accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior whole heartedly. Jesus’ love, compassion, power of healing and His sacrifice on the Cross for my sins drew my attention to the God of the Bible.

During the course of my salvation experience, two facts became crystal clear to me –

(i) Jesus loved me so deeply that He would even die for me.

(ii) He hated sin so much that He would bear the suffering and shame of the cross to deliver me from that awful sin. How can Christians effectively share, particularly with their Hindu neighbors, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for sin?

Shekher: It is very simple to bring a Hindu to Christ. Hindus are generally very religious people. Most of them will readily accept Christ as one of their gods. You can simply explain to them the Salvation message – about the love of Christ and what He has done on the Cross for them to redeem them of their sins. Tell them that Jesus loves them no matter what and will accept them just as they are. Then, if you can, gift them the Holy Bible and encourage them to read the Word of God so that the Lord may speak to them.

You can tell them that the Holy Bible is the most read Book in the world. “B.I.B.L.E.” stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” and it is a love letter from God to mankind. The Bible is archaeologically, scientifically, historically, medically, mathematically and geographically 100% proven, word for word from the beginning till the end.

You can also make friends with the unbelievers, pray for their Salvation, show them love, care for them and then testify to them about Christ, their Savior, day by day. You might be one of the links God will use in their lives to bring them into Salvation.

When you testify to a Hindu, do not offend their religion. Do not get into an argument unless otherwise they are open for discussion and they want to know the truth. Only talk about your relationship with Christ and how He has changed your life.

Our good works cannot save us…Hindus believe in reincarnation and they believe that they can go to heaven by doing good works. Our good works can never nullify the sins which we commit in our lives but only by the blood of Jesus Christ we can be cleansed from our sins.

The Bible says that there is one life to live and then there is judgment to face. (see Heb.9:27)

If they are educated, wealthy Hindus, and if they question you about Christ’s divinity, then you may need to prove to them the uniqueness of Christ and His divinity.

Some facts about Jesus Christ which can help believers testify to Hindus or to any unbeliever…

  • Jesus Christ is a historical man and not a mythological character.
  • Jesus was 100% God and 100% man when He lived on this earth.
  • Jesus’ birth divides the timeline (BC & AD). Today we are living 2015 years after His birth. Jesus lived on this earth only for 33 ½ years but He changed the history of the world.
  • Jesus – The only sinless person who ever lived on earth. As a youth, while Jesus lived on this earth, He was tempted in every way just as we are – yet without sin.When He was condemned to death, out of envy, by His own Jewish people, even the Roman Governor, Pilate who judged Jesus said, “I find no fault in Him. I am innocent of His blood.”
  • Medical Science proves- Life is in the Blood…We have 5 litres of blood in our body. If we lose 2 litres of blood in an accident, it has to be immediately transfused because life is in the blood. Bible also proves it. When we sin, our blood gets corrupted. Jesus died in our place and shed till the last drop of His sinless blood to redeem us from our sins.
  • Jesus’ Death & Resurrection proven: Jesus’ death and resurrection were well documented because they happened during the Roman rule, which was then the world power. If Jesus had died according to the Jewish custom, He would have been stoned to death and we would not be having any proof of His death today but because He died under the Roman Empire, we have evidence today for His death and resurrection.
  • Jesus’ tomb alone is empty on earth; for He is risen and is alive today!
  • Only Jesus proclaimed, “I am the Light of the world”. Many religions teach that God is love and God is light and point towards that light. But only the Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed “I am the true light which lights every man that comes into the world.” Until Jesus Christ, the light is invited into your dead spirit, your spirit lives in the darkness of sin. (see John 1:9, 8:12)
  • Only Jesus gives us the power to overcome sin: Every religion talks about good morals to follow but only Jesus Christ, the greatest religious leader who ever lived on earth, gives us the power to overcome sin, Satan and the world, by giving us His own Spirit, the Holy Spirit (2 Cor.3:17). With this power of the Holy Spirit, one can be delivered from any addiction or bondage, such as, drug, alcohol, pornography, gambling, prostitution, lust, adultery, etc.
  • Prophecies fulfilled: More than 300 Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus’ Divine Birth, Life, Ministry, Death & Resurrection, written hundreds of years before His birth, have been fulfilled in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Unique Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Greatest World Leader…

  1. Jesus, a Jewish teacher and prophet, while on this earth, taught that the “Kingdom of God is within you” when people were flocking to the Temple in Jerusalem for worship, an outward sign of worship. What Jesus meant was that true worship of God is centered in the heart of man and not in the Temple at Jerusalem, for which many nations are fighting for years now. There is so much of violence and bloodshed over it.
  2. Jesus taught us to love even our enemies, thereby condemning murder, violence and bloodshed due to racial riots, selfishness, deception, etc.
  3. Jesus gave importance to women in His ministry, thereby teaching us that we should respect women, when women are oppressed and treated badly in many nations of the world, in this modern era.
  4. Jesus loved little children, thereby teaching us to save the unborn babies who are being aborted in millions, every day, around the world.
  5. Jesus taught that a Good Samaritan and a repentant tax-collector were better than religious but proud Pharisees, who were blinded to their Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is not the religion but relationship with Christ that changes a person from inside out. (Luke 10:29-37; 18:9-14)
  6. Jesus did not care about nationality, race or color that He granted healing even to the gentiles and drew all men to Himself.
  7. Jesus spoke with absolute authority that even the demons trembled at His Word; for Jesus is the true and the Living God.
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About the Author: Esther V. Shekher is a Medical Doctor and has been a full time missionary and evangelist since 2003. She is the Founder of Christ Rules Ministry. Shekher has spoken at numerous pastors’ conferences and churches around the world. She established the International Prayer Network (IPN) with over 7,000 prayer cells. She is the author of All the Commandments of God: Find Out the Secret to Inherit All the Blessings of God (Westbow, 2013). Facebook

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