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Serving the Reigning Christ: an interview with Esther V. Shekher Please tell us how God called you from a successful medical practice.

Shekher: Salvation Experience…I come from a Hindu background and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 18. During the course of my salvation experience, two facts became crystal clear to me – (i) Jesus loved me so deeply that He would even die for me. (ii) He hated sin so much that He would bear the suffering and shame of the cross to deliver me from that awful sin.

Speaking in Malaysia

I understood at that early age that I too must hate sin and I started longing for Christ’s righteousness. After yearning for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for a year, God baptized me with His Spirit for about 3 hours.

Promise of God Fulfilled…Jesus Christ became my passion and I spent a lot of time talking to Him daily. He became my closest friend. While I was doing my medical training, one day, after crying out to the Lord for about six hours, longing to see Him, to hear His voice and to know His will for my life, the Lord promised me through the Scriptures (Acts 22:14) that I would see the Just One, hear Him speak and know His will. This promise came to pass seven years later, when I was in USA. Jesus says, “My sheep will hear My voice.”

Teaching in Malaysia

Calling of God… I came to USA in 1989, as a young Medical Doctor, full of passion for Jesus Christ. After I finished my Medical Licensing Board Exams, I spent about 3-4 hours daily, praying fervently and listening to His Word.

On March 18, 1992, while I was pouring my heart to God in prayer, I heard His audible voice saying, “I died on the cross for you, what have you done for Me? Will you do my ministry until you have your last breath?” From then on, I heard Him almost every night, waking me up at 3 a.m. saying, “Stand in the gap and cry out in the middle of the night with agony for the perishing souls.” I have been obeying the Lord every day as He instructs me. He schedules my days. Our God is faithful in fulfilling His promises.

God molded my character over a period of eleven years by taking me through numerous trials, cave of afflictions. He trained me to ‘die to Self’ and to depend on Him instead of my own abilities. His awesome Presence, His precious Holy Spirit, like a ball of fire cleanses the temple of my spirit every day and fills me, preparing me for His Ministry.

Mission Trip…God called me as a full time Missionary and Evangelist. With great difficulty I finally let go off my lucrative job and obeyed His call. Since then I have been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many nations around the world for the past 11 years.

I had to change my medical career for a better eternal goal. Today, I am living a purpose driven life – a life which is a blessing to millions of people around the world. I am in the midst of God’s will right now.

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About the Author: Esther V. Shekher is a Medical Doctor and has been a full time missionary and evangelist since 2003. She is the Founder of Christ Rules Ministry. Shekher has spoken at numerous pastors’ conferences and churches around the world. She established the International Prayer Network (IPN) with over 7,000 prayer cells. She is the author of All the Commandments of God: Find Out the Secret to Inherit All the Blessings of God (Westbow, 2013). Facebook

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