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It Takes a Steady Hand to Hold a Full Cup

28. How many others had an actual part in your service last Sunday?

29. True leaders encourage leadership-development in those under them. Do you have difficulty delegating authority? If so, why?

30. Do you encourage and provide adequate fellowship-time for your congregation?

31. Basically, you are a choleric, sanguine, melancholy, or phlegmatic personality. Do you know which pattern you are and are you aware of its weaknesses and strengths?

32. Is your personality-pattern benefiting your whole congregation or are you unconsciously styling your ministry to satisfy the needs of your type only?

33. Do people leave your service feeling nourished by the gospel or feeling unfed and their spiritual needs unfulfilled? Have you ever seriously asked them?

34. In worship and preaching, does the congregation stay together or is the experience disconnected for each one? Spiritually, do you go off and leave them?

35. Is the volume of your P. A. system painful to your hearers’ ears? Have they ever told you?

36. Is your music integrated with historic and contemporary Christian songs or does it reflect the taste of one age- group only?

37. Do you think the previous generation has nothing of musical benefit to offer your worship?

38. Does your Church appeal to or repel the community around it? Have you ever canvassed the neighborhood to find out?

39. Do you participate in interdenominational activities, pursue fellowship with other pastors, and take part in community affairs?

40. Do you try to “become all things to all men that you might save some”?

41. Is your preaching relevant?

42. Do you consistently, routinely, regularly, “teach the word”?

43. Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount—the greatest single message in human history—was preached in less than 15 minutes; are you striving for God-empowered integrity in your sermon or for impressive length?

44. Do you seek to know your congregation relationally? Are you available to them or are you hard to find? Do you blow in, blow up, and blow out?

45. Do you sufficiently provide private time for your family and proper public time for the congregation? Are you fair to both?

46. Do you pray, study, prepare, for preaching as if it all depends on you but preach knowing it all depends on God?

47. Have you answered all these questions honestly?

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About the Author: Charles Carrin, D.D., has served the body of Christ for over 65 years. Educated at University of Georgia and Columbia Theological Seminary, he denied, in belief and practice, the contemporary ministry of the Holy Spirit until a personal crisis opened his eyes to what he had been missing. He is the author of Spirit-Empowered Theology (Chosen, 2017), The Edge Of Glory: Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit (Creation House, 2002), Sunrise of David Sunset of Saul: A Message to the Church in the End-time (1985, 2014), On Whose Authority?: The Removal of Unwanted Scriptures (Burkhart Books, 2014), a revival novel with Dorothy Easley: Island in the Sun (Xulon, 2010), and a contributor to Word Spirit Power: What Happens When You Seek All God Has to Offer (Chosen, 2012) with R.T. Kendall and Jack Taylor. Today his ministry centers upon the visible demonstration of the Spirit and imparting of His gifts. Read his biography at

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