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God Has Done Something Remarkable: An Interview with Paul Hattaway You are probably best known for writing the book The Heavenly Man, about Brother Yun. What are some of the other books that you have written?

Paul Hattaway: Other books I’ve been blessed to write include a number of large, full-color prayer books like Operation China and Peoples of the Buddhist World, several books relating to the Church in China, and the remarkable revival the Holy Spirit has brought including Back to Jerusalem, Living Water and others.

I am currently working on a massive series of about 18 books called ‘The China Chronicles’. It is a region-by-region account of all the amazing things God has done to reach China. The books will draw on hundreds of personal interviews with church leaders gathered over the past 25 years. Much of the material has never been shared in public before. I have found that while most Christians around the world are aware that God has done something remarkable in China, few people understand the “how” and “why” the largest revival in Christian history has come about.

The first book in The China Chronicles series is due to be released early 2018, and the plan is to publish a new one every six months until the series is complete. By then I’m confident interested readers will have a much greater understanding and appreciation of all the Lord Jesus has done to reach the world’s most populated country! There are a number of ministries that supply Bibles to China. Do the combined efforts of these various organizations fill the need for Bibles in China?

Paul Hattaway: Actually if you are talking about providing Bibles for the 70-80 million house church believers in China you will find things have changed dramatically in the past five or ten years. There and now very few ministries involved in providing the Scriptures to the Chinese house churches. Many ministries have been shut down by the Chinese government through threats and intimidation, arrests of distributors inside China and so on. Just in the past year several small but effective ministries that were based in Hong Kong and providing Bibles into China have been closed down or forced out.

Without the gifts and power of the Living God, nothing of the revival in China would have taken place.

The need for Bibles therefore remains acute in China, especially for new believers in rural areas of the country, which is where the revival continues to burn brightest. While in the big cities it’s possible for believers to access Bibles on their smart phones, in the countryside 99% of believers still desperately want and need paper Bibles. Thankfully, due to the diligence of our Chinese co-workers, we are able to print and deliver complete Chinese Bibles for just $1.80 each.

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About the Author: Paul Hattaway, a native New Zealander, has been a Bible courier and missionary for most of his life. He is an expert on the Chinese Church and author of The Heavenly Man, Operation China and many other books. He is the founder and director of Asia Harvest (, a mission organization dedicated to serving and equipping churches across Asia to complete the Great Commission.

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