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The Globalization of Pentecostalism: A Review Article, by Paul Elbert

[1] Murray W. Dempster, Byron D. Klaus, and Douglas Peterson (eds.), The Globalization of Pentecostalism: A Religion Made to Travel (Irvine, CA: Regnum International, 1999).
[2] Such recognition, for example, began to surface in the Reformed sector of the Charismatic Renewal three-quarters of the way through the last century, cf. J. Rodman Williams, “The Upsurge of Pentecostalism,” The Reformed World 31 (1971), p. 341; The Pentecostal Reality (Plainfield, NJ: Logos International, 1972), pp. 1-9.  The Lutheran Reformation, the Wesleyan Reformation and the Pentecostal Reformation are contrasted in Vinson Synan, Charismatic Bridges (Ann Arbor, MI: Word of Life, 1974), pp. 47-50.
[3] For example, “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, with Special Reference to ‘The Baptism in the Holy Spirit,’” in Kilian McDonnell (ed.), Presence, Power, Praise: Documents on the Charismatic Renewal (3 vols.; Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1980), I, pp. 287-317; The Gift of the Holy Spirit Today (Plainfield, NJ: Logos International, 1980).
[4] Renewal Theology: Systematic Theology from a Charismatic Perspective  (3 vols.; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1988, 1990, 1992), available since 1996 in a one volume format.
[5] Some of their contributions are as follows: French Arrington, The Acts of the Apostles (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1988); Howard M. Ervin, Conversion-Initiation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: A Critique of James D. G. Dunn’s Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1984); Stanley M. Horton, What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit (Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 1976) continues sales of over 104,000 copies, not including translations into Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Hungarian, Tamil, German and Finnish; Anthony Palma, The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective (Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 2001); John Rea, The Holy Spirit in the Bible: All the Major Passages About the Spirit, A Commentary  (Lake Mary, FL: Creation House, 1990).
[6] Cf. Stanley M. Burgess and Eduard van der Maas (eds.), New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002).
[7] With plans for an update of his World Christian Encyclopedia, cf. David Barrett, “The Worldwide Holy Spirit Revival,” in Vinson Synan (ed.), The Century of the Holy Spirit: 100 Years of Pentecostal and Charismatic Renewal, 1901-2001 (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2001), pp. 381-414.  However, Barrett’s otherwise plausible appendix, “A Chronology of Renewal in the Holy Spirit,” pp. 415-53, is curiously marred by some unnecessary and uncharacteristic speculation tacked on at the end (pp. 450-53), three inappropriate pages not in keeping with a context of detailed statistical and historical research.
[8] Heribert Mühlen, whose Einübung in die Christliche Grunderfahrung  (Mainz: Matthias-Grünewald, 1975-76), is translated into Dutch, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and English (A Charismatic Theology: Initiation in the Spirit [London: Burns & Oates, 1978]), argues in his “The Person of the Holy Spirit,” in Kilian McDonnell (ed.), The Holy Spirit and Power: The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1975), pp. 11-33 (32), that “Today, however, an experience has emerged in the charismatic pneumatic renewal which though preserving the past is modifying it so as to set the stage for the beginning of a new age.”  Since Williams, Synan (note 2) and Mühlen wrote a quarter of a century ago, there continues a stream of pastorally oriented work in the Catholic tradition, recently, for brief example, like that of Lucy Rooney and Robert Faricy, Lord, Teach Us To Pray: Leader’s Manual (Rome: International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, 1998), which follows the earlier pastorally oriented scholarship of Léon Joseph Suenens, Une nouvelle Pentecôte? (Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 1974) and its many influential translations, together with Francis A. Sullivan, Charismes et renouveau charismatique: Etude biblique et théologique (Loir-et-Cher: Nouan-le-Fuzelier, 1988) and its earlier English version.  In the Reformed/Evangelical tradition, in addition to the work of Williams, there is the groundbreaking collaboration of Gary S. Greig and Kevin N. Springer (eds.), The Kingdom and the Power: Are Healing and the Spiritual Gifts Used by Jesus and the Early Church Meant for the Church Today? (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1993), and the exploratory reflections of Klass Runia (emeritus Professor of Practical Theology for the Reformed Churches, Kampen, The Netherlands), Op zoek naar de Geest (Kampen: J. H. Kok, 2000) with a review by Cornelis van der Laan, Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 21 (2001), pp. 138-40.

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About the Author: Paul Elbert, physicist-theologian and New Testament scholar, teaches theology and science at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. He is co-chair of the Formation of Luke-Acts section in the Society of Biblical Literature and is a research advisor to the Dominican Biblical Institute, Limerick, Ireland. His writings have appeared, for example, in Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft and in Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He served as editor of two anniversary volumes for Old Testament scholars, Essays on Apostolic Themes (1985) and Faces of Renewal (1988).

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