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Fall 2014: Other Significant Articles

Is There a New Kind of Pentecostal? Church leaders weigh in on today’s Spirit-empowered believerVital Magazine (Nov 7, 2014). 

A panel of Pentecostal leaders answer this question in this short article appearing in a new publication from the Assemblies of God USA.

We Are Not Enough in Awe of God: Why Eric Metaxas encourages a greater openness to miracles in everyday life” ChristianityTodayOnline (Nov 5, 2014). 

In this online-only interview with Tim Stafford, biographer Eric Metaxas discusses his new book, Miracles: A Journalist Looks at Modern-Day Experiences of God’s Power (Bethany House, 2014).

Before There Was Billy Graham, There Was…: George Whitefield was once the most famous man in America. Historian Thomas Kidd explains why the celebrity evangelist shouldn’t be forgotten.” Christianity Today (November 12, 2014). 

Elesha Coffman interviews Thomas S. Kidd about his book, George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father (Yale University Press, 2014). William De Arteaga writes of this interview: “This article describes just how much George Whitefield was led by the Holy Spirit.”

Roger E. Olson, ​“Memories of Stanley J. Grenz with Special Attention to Criticisms of His Theology (and Some Hitherto Unrevealed Facts)” Patheos (December 2014).


Ed Stetzer, “Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing?: Many evangelical churches and denominations are in a state of plateau or decline. Why aren’t Pentecostals?Christianity Today (November 2014). 

As a good commentary in relation to Stetzer’s article, one reader suggests reading: Michael Wilkinson, “Pentecostalism and the Status of Global Christianity” (January 24, 2013).

Michael Wilkinson himself wrote, “There are a lot of people posting the link to the Christianity Today article on why Pentecostals are growing. Some are a bit triumphalistic. Some are apprehensive. Some still argue Pentecostals are not orthodox. Here are my observations – the growth of Pentecostalism is not enough to have an overall impact on the growth of Christianity. Christianity is still roughly 33% of the world’s population, the same as it was 100 years ago. Yes, in real numbers Christianity is growing, but so is the world’s total population and representatives of all other religions. The real story is not it’s growth, but the changing character of Christianity to become Pentecostalized. World Christianity is not growing, it is changing.”

Roger E. Olson, “What ‘American Exceptionalism’ Means to Me” Patheos (December 10, 2014).


Karl Dahlfred, “Why Missionaries Can Never Go Home Again” Gleanings from the Field (November 25, 2014). 

John Lathrop wrote: “Here is an interesting article that my friend, Rev. Nancy Hudson, who has served in South Africa for 25 years, posted today on Facebook. The author has some good insights about the lives of missionaries.”

Nancy Hudson responded: “This article is so so true. There are bumps, hurts, and disappointments along the journey, whether home or away. But ultimately, knowing Heaven is our real Home makes it all worthwhile along the way.”  

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