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Cathy Le Feuvre: The Armstrong Girl – A child for sale

But in spite of these setbacks, the raising of the age of consent was a major achievement. This campaign also focused much needed attention on the terrible traffic of young girls for the pleasure of rich men. It made people aware of what before had been hidden behind a cloak of respectability.

Cathy Le Feuvre tells this traumatic story and she tells it well. (I have written and lectured on Eliza Armstrong and the dramatic events surrounding her, but Cathy has taught me a thing or two.) In fact, Ms Le Feuvre sews the pieces of the story together cleverly and clearly, which is not easy in this complicated affair. Her writing is good and her story compelling.

What is more, this story is very relevant to the age in which we live. Young girls and boys are still sold into sexual slavery. Christians need to be aware of that and seek to fight it. It is also an encouragement to us to bear in mind that when Christians band together en masse even changing bad laws is possible.

Reviewed by David Malcolm Bennett


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Category: Church History, Fall 2015

About the Author: David Malcolm Bennett, Ph.D., is an Anglo-Australian Christian researcher and writer with over 15 books in print. They include The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage, The Sinner’s Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers (companion website:, The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology, Edward Irving Reconsidered: The Man, His Controversies, and the Pentecostal Movement, and The General: William Booth. He is also the transcriber, editor and publisher of The Letters of William and Catherine Booth and The Diary and Reminiscences of Catherine Booth.

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