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Are You Ready for a Fresh Outpouring?

The Lord visited me one evening. I was aware of someone standing by my bed when I heard these words spoken, “I will do a work in your day which you would hardly believe, even if it were told you.” Almost every day since that encounter I say, “I believe Lord, please tell me.” Since that time, I have travelled a lot more. The Lord has opened doors for me to speak at conferences and meetings in many different countries. I believe that God is preparing us for a worldwide revival. As Grandpa Wigglesworth prophesied, it will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen. The Bowland Street Mission, where Smith Wigglesworth ministered, was recently re-opened. Please tell our readers how that came about.

The interior of the Bowland Street Mission.

Lilian de Fin: In April 2017, I had the privilege of re-opening Grandpa Wigglesworth’s church that had been closed for 97 years. Here is the story.

In April 2013, I went to England with my two sisters to visit family and also to go to Bradford and do “The Wigglesworth Tour.”

We visited the old Bowland Street Mission where Smith Wigglesworth used to preach and where so many marvelous miracles happened. Our Tour guide, Brian Holland, told us the church was owned by a Muslim man and had been closed for many years. We anointed the door with oil and asked the Holy Spirit, our helper, to open up the church once again.

The people are thirsty.

We were on our way to have lunch on Ilkly Moore. It was one of Grandpa’s favorite places to walk. As we drove along the road we came across a roadblock. We noticed a sign that read, “This road will be closed until 12pm on April 15th 2013.” We looked at our watches. The date was April 15th, 2013. The time was 11:50am. We decided to wait and see if they would open the road as the sign said. Sure enough, at exactly 12pm, a small truck appeared and stopped next to the barrier. They opened up the road and waved us forward. We drove through excitedly. I was shouting, “This is prophetic. Bowland Street will be opened. God is removing barriers, opening up the way, and moving us forward.” We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

The Bowland Street Mission before renovation.

In early 2017, I received an email informing me that they had received permission to rent the old Bowling Street Mission building. I quickly wrote back telling them that I would be in England in April 2017 and would like to pop over to Bradford and say hello. They replied that if I were to be there, even though the renovations on the church would not be complete, they would like to invite me to open the church. So the date was set for April 25th, 2017.

Renovation begins, November 2016.

I was amazed that as I told certain of my friends about the opening of the old Bowling Street Mission that so many of them said, “God has instructed us to join you.” The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “I am reopening the wells of revival, I am reopening the wells of signs and wonders—not to build a monument to a man or to the name Smith Wigglesworth. No! God is reopening this well because the people are thirsty.”

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About the Author: Lilian de Fin is the great-granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth, known as the Apostle of Faith, renowned for his total trust in God and His divine healing. Born in the Belgian Congo to missionary parents, Lil and her husband Abe pastored Acts Christian Church in Johannesburg, South Africa for twenty years before retirement. Pastor Lil continues to exhort her listeners under a strong prophetic anointing with clear and accurate insight. Abe and Lil have three sons and nine grandchildren.

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